Shania Twain Teases New Music

Shania Twain, is currently back in the studio to work on releasing her sixth album. She said she is on a quest to make the album her best release yet.

With over 75 million albums sold and several chart-topping hits on the Billboard charts, this statement of intent from the Man! I Feel Like A Woman superstar should be taken seriously. But when does the platinum-selling star plan on releasing her sixth album?

The Album To Come Out By End Of The Year?

Shania has been teasing her fans about the new album for about three months on her Tik Tok page, though she admits that work on her sixth album might be a little slower than expected. According to her, the coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to get producers, mixers, and backup vocalists together at the same time.

Though she hasn’t said the exact time her sixth album will come out, she plans on releasing it in time for Christmas. In a recent broadcast of her Home Now Radio show on Apple Music, the Come On Over singer said it would be such a wonderful feeling if she could achieve her goal of thrilling her fans by releasing the album during the Christmas period.

Shania Twain Talks Best Album Ever

While admitting the hindrances that the coronavirus pandemic could have on the timing forecast for the album, the You’re Still The One singer has vowed to make her sixth album her best work yet.

She admitted that it was always difficult to say when work on an album was the finished product, but she promised her fans that she wouldn’t release the album until she was sure it was a work that would make her fans proud of her as an artist.

Shania Twain urged her fans to be patient as they awaited her much anticipated best studio album as she wanted them to celebrate with her when she accomplishes her goal.

Let’s Go! Las Vegas Residency

Her new album is not the only thing that fans of the country music superstar will be looking forward to from Shania this December. Before the coronavirus began to spread massively across the globe, Shania Twain was thrilling her fans with her Let’s Go! Las Vegas residency.

The country music star plans on resuming her Let’s Go! Las Vegas residency, which she had to suspend in the wake of the ravaging coronavirus pandemic of last year. The start date for the residency has been fixed for the 2nd of December, which comes more than a year after it was halted by the pandemic.

There will be six Shania Twain shows in December alone, with eight shows to take in February next year. So, fans are in for a thrilling time with performances from the country music star for the joyous Christmas and the New year period.

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