Barbara Streisand And Willie Nelson: “I’d Want It To Be You”

Barbara Streisand and Willie Nelson recently released a duet, titled “I’d Want It To Be You”.

The lead single by the 70-year-old singer is from her soon-to-be-released studio album, Release Me 2.

The Duet Song With Willie Nelson  Has Been A Long Time Coming

Barbara’s duet with Willie is something that has been long in the pipeline. She had planned for Willie’s collaboration in her 2014 album, Partners, which was a compilation of duet songs with male musicians.

However, as she couldn’t get Willie to the studio in time for the duet and with the album due for imminent release at the time, she replaced him with his fellow country music colleague, Blake Shelton. Their duet rendition of “I’d Want It To Be You” became part of the Partners album.

Her rendition of the song with Blake takes some musical notes from his hit song of 2011, “Honeybee”, while her recent version of the song with Willie is based on some of his monsters hit songs like ” On The Road Again”. The song is produced by Kevon “Babyface” Edmonds and Walter Afanasieff.

The concluding part of their duet rendition of the song is a sweet exchange of repartee between the two legendary stars, with Barbara asking Willie if she could ride on his bus sometime, to which he jokingly replied that she should get on the bus.

Barbara Streisand New Album, Release Me 2

Fans of the iconic country music singer will be thrilled that she is about to release a new studio album this August.

The album titled Release Me 2, is the sequel to her commercially successful 2012 album, Release Me. Most of the songs on Release Me 2 are part of her unreleased recorded songs, including “Be Aware”, “One Day”, a duet song with Barry Gibb, “If Only You Were Mine”, and collaboration with Kermit the Frog, ” Rainbow Connection”.

While sharing her experience on working on Release Me 2, Barbara revealed in her album notes that being in the studio is always a magical moment for her as she gets to try out different things. For her, working on the Release Me 2 album has filled her with joyful reminiscences, as it has given her the chance to go over her past songs and make finishing touches to songs that have always reverberated in her heart.

Other songs on the album include the song written by Harold Alden and E.Y.Harburg titled “Right As The Rain”, “Once You’ve Been In Love”, and her cover versions of Carole King’s song, “You Light Up My Life”, and that of Randy Newman, “Living Without You”.

Release Me 2 is slated to be released on the 6th of August this year by Columbia Records in conjunction with Legacy Recordings, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment. This album comes three years after the release of her last album, Walls, in 2018.

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