Carrie Underwood Loves Touring, But Her ‘Mommy Guilt’ Is Real!

Carrie Underwood has loved singing in front of crowds since her career began on American Idol. But then the country music star became a mom. And now she struggles with balance.

Find out how Carrie copes with feeling guilty about leaving her children. And learn about her offspring. Get all the details below.

Carrie Underwood Leaves Sons At Home, Faces ‘Mommy Guilt’

With two very young sons, Carrie Underwood faced a challenge when the opportunity came to tour. The country music star’s oldest son, Isaiah, is just 7. And her youngest child, Jacob, is only 3. But when time for Carrie’s Denim & Rhinestones Tour to begin in October, she relied on her husband Mike Fisher. However, now Carrie faces “mommy guilt,” an insider told Radar.

And Underwood even experienced that emotion when her children visited her on stage. Turning to social media, the country music singer wrote, “When worlds and roles collide.” However, Underwood does love singing for her fans. 

And Carrie gets help from her husband. After 12 years, Underwood knows she can trust Mike to manage the house and the children. And an insider spilled that it seems to go smoothly even with Carrie away.

Carrie Underwood Stays Connected To Kids Even On Tour

However, the source shared that the children seem to feel connected to their mother even when she spends time away. And the insider shared, “The kids are handling mom being away pretty well. Isaiah is old enough to know his mom is famous and has her work.”

And technology helps as well. “The kids miss their mom,” admitted the source. “But they see and talk to her every day on FaceTime. She asks them about their day and even helps Isaiah with his schoolwork.”

However, Carrie also tries to visit her home as often as possible. For instance, Underwood heads back to her kids “for short stretches between shows,” added another insider. And the source noted, “Carrie’s still going to be hands-on and not let the boys run Mike ragged.”

But insiders agree that the mother of two does sometimes struggle to achieve a balance. And finding the right blend of family and career never comes easily to Underwood. But the country music songstress “tries not to let the mommy guilt rule her life,” added one insider. “It’s a juggling act but thankfully she has Mike to help. She couldn’t do it without him.”

However, Underwood will soon enjoy a holiday break. Her tour will temporarily halt from December to February. And fans can hear Carrie’s final concert in San Diego in early April.

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