Old Dominion Releases New Music

Old Dominion has returned with another beautiful track that will impress all music lovers. The new song, “I Was On A Boat That Day,” marks their return to the industry for the first time since 2019.

The lovely new song was written by Josh Osborne, Shane McAnally, and the whole Old Dominion. So, fans should expect Matthew Ramsey, Trevor Rosen, Brad Tursi, Whit Sellers, and Geoff Sprung’s voices throughout the new track.

The Inspiration Behind The Latest Song

The Old Dominion leading vocalist, Matthew Ramsey, revealed to reporters the inspiration behind the summer-jam song and when the project began.

According to the 43-year-old singer, while speaking to KFDI, the recently-released track was inspired six or seven years ago after releasing their famous hit track “Break Up With Him.”

He admits that the group wasn’t committed to writing the song at first, which was the main reason they took so long before releasing a new hit track.

“We were kicking it around for a long time. We’d bring it up and shoot it down I don’t know how many times we decided not to write this song,” he said.

After years of reluctance and unwillingness to write new songs, the Old Dominion regrouped last year in Asheville, North Carolina, to work on a new album. They stayed in the city for three weeks, and the idea to write the song came alive again. This time, the group agreed to create something magnificent alongside co-writers Josh Osborne and McAnally.

What The New Song Is All About

This time the award-winning group has chosen to produce a track that looks more like a breakup song. Though the beat and tone sound like a party jam, the lines and lyrics provide a reminiscing atmosphere for someone who recently ended a one-time glorious relationship.
Matthew also shares the same opinion as he revealed that they knew the lyrics might affect listeners who just lost or left their partners. Instead, they ensure it sounds like a party song so it can be played in parties and clubs.

“It needed to sound like a party, and it needed to sound a little, you know, intoxicated. So we drank some tequila and went in and did our best little party dance song.”

Read the chorus below, you would see why we concluded that the song is partially for someone whose lover has been on a far-away journey:

“Is she gone for the summer?/ Gone for the night?/ Gone for the weekend or the rest of my life?/ Was she laughing?/ Was she crying as she walked away?/ I can’t say/ I was on a boat that day.”

Old Dominion Performs Their Latest Track Live

The band, who recently won their fourth ‘Group of the Year award’ at the ACM Awards, is currently preparing for their Ballpark tour scheduled for July 17th. They will perform live at different stadia across the city.

The tour will no doubt provide fans the opportunity to watch the favorite artists perform and probably take selfies with them. Other artists expected to perform during the event include Randy Houser, Matt Stell, Blanco Brown, Caitlyn Smith, and Walker County.

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