Priscilla Block Releases New Album

Priscilla Block, Tik Tok sensation turned record label artist, released her self-titled debut album on the 30th of April to the delight of her fanbase.

She is well known on social media for her soothing vocals, but her debut album saw fans get to know more about her talent as a high-pitched vocalist as well as her songwriting skills. In the album Priscilla takes her fan on a journey of getting over bad relationships through her own eyes.

Priscilla became a Tik Tok sensation with her songs “Thick Thighs”, “Just About Over You”, and ” PMS. She got a recording contract from executives of Mercury Nashville last year, after been named among the new artists to look out for in the country music genre this year by MusicRow.

The Priscilla Block EP

The debit EP by Priscilla comprises of 6 songs that were all written by her. Among the songs is her internet hit song, “Just About Over You”. She released the single “Wish You Wer My Whisky” on the 7th of April. The song talks about the goal of a heartbroken person to get over a bad relationship and become more confident.

The album also take about the painful stuff girls pass through while trying to cope with the end of a relationship. In short, Priscilla bares her soul in the EP. Other songs include “Heel In Hand”, “Sad Girls Do Sad Things”, and “I Bet You Wannna Know”.

The singer who hails from Raleigh, North Carolina, recently gave a little insight into the album during an interview where she described the songs as portraying her weak side in bad relationships and the things it has cost her as a person.

The Taylor Swift Influence

In the latter part of the interview, Priscilla revealed the celebrity behind her decision to become a singer and songwriter. According to her, pop music superstar and lyricist, Taylor Swift, influenced her a lot. She said that it was because of Taylor that she decided to pursue her musical career by relocating to Nashville.

She goes to relate how she met Taylor one fateful night while on her way to night class. At the time, the 18-year-old internet sensation had just moved to Nashville and was working at a yoghurt shop. After closing from work, she would proceed to attend night school.

Priscilla recounts how she was stopped by Taylor while wearing T-shirt with her picture. She said she was starstruck the entire time that she thanked Taylor, who was appreciating the T-shirt she was wearing. She believed that Taylor’s unexpected presence that night was a divine sign for her to focus on her music career.

She disclosed that the first songs she sang while learning to play the guitar were those of Taylor Swift, as they greatly influenced to write her own songs. Priscilla recently made her debut appearance at the Grand Ole Opry with a performance on the 1st of May.

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