Alan Jackson Recounts Instances Of Getting Turned Down By Recording Labels

Alan Jackson is a country music star that is highly regarded for his hit songs. The Country Music Hall Of Famer is recorded to have 35 of his songs go on to become chart-topping hits and released over 60 singles for radio play. The result of his hit songs has earned him. over 150 awards at prestigious Music Awards.

But things didn’t start all rosy for the country music star who hails from Newnan, Georgia. In the early 80s when he was finding his footing as an upcoming country music artist, he was turned down by several top recording labels in the famous musical city of Nashville, Tennessee.

I Was Rejected By Several Of The Biggest Recording Labels In Nashville
In a recent interview on Apple Music with Kelleigh Bannen of Essentials Radio, Alan opened on the frustrating times he went through in getting a recording contract in Nashville as an upcoming act.

Alan revealed that there was a time he performed for free

Alan revealed that there was a time he performed for free at the Douglas Corner Cafe, a spot renowned for playing host to some of Nashville’s best songwriters. According to him, he did it at the time to catch the attention of the executives of top recording labels.

He added that before taking the drastic move of performing for free at the cafe, he had gone to several auditions by recording labels, all to no avail. He recalled that a female executive of a top recording firm even advised him to go back to his hometown and find something else to do.

His journey even had him meet with Keith Stegall and Kyle Lehning, the makers of Randy Travis’s much-acclaimed debut and triple-platinum album in 1986, Storms Of Life. He recalled that having gone through a list of other producers who didn’t seem to get the sound he wanted, he felt that Keith was the producer that was perfect for him.

Alan Finally Gets It Right With Keith Stegall

Alan pursued Keith for a long time, asking him to help him produce his album. For him, Keith had the core country music roots in him to get the sound he wanted by his father’s love for country music. It took a while but Keith finally consented to work with him on his album.

Alan and Keith worked together and it led to the release of his successful debut album in 1990, Here In The Real World. The album produced gave Alan the first of many hit sings including the track title, as well as “I’d Love You All Over Again.”, “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow,” and “Wanted”.

In the aftermath of great success on music charts, Alan released his Greatest Hits album comprising of 20 songs in 1995.

Alan and Keith still have a great working and successful relationship, as they are both working on his upcoming 16th album, Where Have You Gone. The studio album has been planned to be released on the 14th of May, 2021.

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