American Idol News: Did Will Moseley Accuse Jelly Roll Of Being A Liar?

American Idol News: Did Will Moseley Accuse Jelly Roll Of Being A Liar?
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Will Moseley made a huge splash on American Idol, Season 22 as the runner-up. He may have finished in second place, but he was quite impressive during the entire season, which has set him up for success in the “real world” of music.

Being on the reality TV show has also exposed him and his music to many people; including popular artist Jelly Roll.

American Idol News: Will Moseley Had An Interesting Encounter With Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll has had quite a few bumps on the road to the top yet has finally established a big break after a long journey reaching for that holy grail of music. He’s become quite popular recently thanks to his “Son of a Sinner” hit.

Will Moseley recently revealed an interesting encounter he had with Jelly Roll where he accused the singer of lying.

What happened?

American Idol News: Will Moseley Didn’t Believe Jelly Roll’s Statement

As per Moseley, he ran into Jelly Roll recently, and the rapper told him he knew who he was. According to Will, he first met him while filming American Idol’s Season 22 and Jelly told him that he had “heard” of him.

Moseley was gobsmacked and didn’t believe Jelly Roll. In fact, he noted that he accused the singer of lying. Will states he told Jelly, “Nah man, you don’t have to lie to me.”

Will notes that Jelly replied to him saying he was ‘serious’ about knowing who he was. Of course, this was such a big boost for Moseley, noting it was “super cool” knowing a musician who inspires him knew who he was and acknowledged it. It also provided a nice affirmation that he was on the right path.

Looks like Will Moseley has a bright future ahead and will be known by millions moving forward. While it’s always great to take the top American Idol spot, coming in as runner-up has proved to help pave a successful career path for many contestants of the reality television show in the past.

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