Jelly Roll Opens Up About “Unreal” Duet With Rapper Eminem

Jelly Roll Opens Up About “Unreal” Duet With Rapper Eminem

During a recent chat with Entertainment Tonight (ET), country music star Jelly Roll talked about his “coolest” moment ever, sharing the stage with rapper Eminem.

Jelly Roll’s Career Highlight – Performing With Eminem

The 39-year-old performed “Sing For The Moment” with Eminem last week during the Live From Detroit: The Concert At Michigan Central and told ET, “When I think about coolest moments of my career, right now at the top, there has to be this thing that I got to go sing with Eminem in Detroit.”

Jelly Roll added, “I got to sing ‘Sing for the Moment’ with him, which is a record where he sampled Steven Tyler. I mean, just what an incredible night and I got to go do it in Detroit.”

How Did Jelly Roll’s Performance With Eminem Come To Be?

Jelly Roll revealed to ET that he reached out to the rapper’s team but did not believe he was actually going to perform with Eminem until he met him.

“I thought it was a joke until I met Eminem himself. I thought I was being joked!” The country singer noted, “And as soon as I met Eminem, it was like the coolest moment ever, man.”

The rapper gave a surprise four-song performance at ‘Live From Detroit’, shocking (in a good way) the fans in attendance. The event also featured Big Sean, Jack White, and Diana Ross, and was a way to celebrate the reopening of the Michigan Central Station.

The big celebration was executive produced by the rapper, as well as his manager Paul Rosenberg. Eminem also performed his new song, “Houdini” for the first time. The evening was closed out by the rapper and the country singer’s duet.

While Jelly Roll began his singing career in 2003, he catapulted into mainstream success more recently with songs like “Son of a Sinner” and “Need a Favor”, with the latter being released just this past June 2. He’s received a Grammy nod for Best New Artist and has won three CMT Music Awards.

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