Ashley McBryde New Music: Live From A Distance

Ashley McBryde and her band, Deadhorse spent the time away from life as a touring band by going into the studio to produce an album during COVID shutdowns. Their efforts to stay in tune with their musical prowess have yielded the recent release of their EP, titled Live From A Distance.

Studio Recording Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

In an interview with ABC Radio, Ashley McBryde revealed that she and her band had gone to the studio intending to record songs that suited daytime TV programs and late-night program slots.

However, after not been together musically as a band for more than six months, going through the process of getting all band members tested for the coronavirus put a strain on a smooth recording. In the end, they decided that they would not just record their earlier planned two songs, but also go into recording other songs that wouldn’t be part of an album.

When they realized that the recorded songs were too good to not have been released, they came up with the Live From A Distance EP. The Live From A Distance EP  is a collection of live performances of Ashley McBryde songs off her 2020 studio album, Never Will, The EP release just about satisfied the desire of fans to hear from Ashley’s band after their enforced hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ashley reveals that safely recording the songs with her Deadhorse crew is a way of showing their fanbase that the world hasn’t changed that much in the light of the pandemic. The live recording has also made her Never Will album more popular as more fans are getting more attuned to songs from the album all over again.

Ashley McBryde Talks More On The Live Performance Of Songs From Her Never Will Album

Ashley released her last album, Never Will, in April last year. The album release came a month after the ban on music tours was taken as a measure to curtail the spread of the coronavirus. This prevented the 37-year-old singer and songwriter from actively promoting her album through a road tour.

The Live From A Distance EP has gone a long way towards pushing her Never Will album, as songs from the album are given more verve and sound compared to a studio recording.

She said fans should not expect her typical performances to be filled with so much animation and gesticulations, as the EP didn’t come with the lively boisterous background noise of a crowd.

Regardless of the quieter atmosphere because of the absence of fans, the Award-winning vocalist is excited that her band performed to the best of their abilities to make Live From A Distance a success. On the 28th of May, Ashley McBryde performed live via her Youtube channel.

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