Country Comfort Season 2: New Netflix Episodes Coming Soon?

Is Country Comfort season two coming soon? Is it canceled from Netflix? Following this year’s season premiere on Netflix, no one is sure about anything on Country Comfort for now, but all signs point to the series being a hit.   Katharine McPhee and Eddie Cibrian (LeAnn Rimes’ husband) won over our hearts in the country music comedy mash, and we want more!

Country Comfort Season 2

Country Comfort, no word has been heard if the series will be returning on our screens any time from now. Nevertheless, we think Netflix would love to make the series one of its biggest hits this year, and order more episodes.

The Country Comfort sitcom is passing through a similar vein as the Fuller House series did – which aired for several seasons before its abrupt stop. Anyways, one thing we’ve taken time to study is that present streaming channels no longer have the same roster for airing family sitcoms as they once did some years back.

Netflix Country Comfort Cast

The storyline which is crafted alongside music in some part of its episodes – centers on an acquaintance (McPhee) who from nowhere becomes a part of the family. Widower Eddie Cibrian invites the struggling singer to live with him and care for his five kids, much to his girlfriend’s dismay.

Of course, their new nanny comes with some baggage of her own, including her singing boyfriend.  Every episode bursts in to song at some point, with Katharine and the kiddos belting out some of our country music favorites.  And, LeAnn Rimes even makes a guest appearance.

Will Netflix Order More Episodes With Katharine McPhee & Eddie Cibrian

For a start, we have to look at the total views the series has garnered all through its streaming time online. Well, reports show that if the number of initial viewers of the series tallied or increased in numbers for the subsequent episodes – that will mean that fans are anxious to get Country Comfort renewed as soon as possible. However, if the number of viewers decreased after the first episode aired online, it will mean that Netflix will be opting out of the show.

Have you watched Country Comfort on Netflix yet?  Let us know what you thought in the comments below, check Country Music Lane daily for news and updates.

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