Country Comfort: LeAnn Rimes Made Griffin McIntyre’s Dreams Come True

Country Comfort star Griffin McIntyre recently shared his thoughts on getting a chance to perform with LeAnn Rimes, in an all new interview.

Griffin McIntyre is a young star in the Netflix original series starring Katharine McPhee, Eddie Cibrian, and other highly talented stars. Country Comfort is a comedy series with country music infused feel to it, with all of its ten episodes bearing the name of a country song. The country song was an instant hit and received a very strong rating when it premiered on March 19 on Netflix.

Griffin portrayed the character Dylan in the new Netflix TV show, a role that saw him as a clever and ambitious child in the family of five. His character also got fans laughing with his wise-talks and country boy charm. But apart from the comedy and his boyish good looks, he also got to charm fans with his beautiful vocals and techniques. He even got a chance to perform with the incredible LeAnn Rimes in an episode.

The Duet that Almost Never Happened

“I actually didn’t know that we were filming with her until a couple of weeks before we shot it because we were originally going to do it with someone else, and then COVID happened. For LeAnn to do it was amazing. Obviously, to play piano and sing with her was a dream come true. It was a lot of fun. She’s the nicest person.”

Fun fact about the Netflix’s Country Comfort is that LeAnn’s husband, Eddie Cibrian, appeared in the series as the father of the five adorable children, of which Griffin McIntyre plays the middle child. LeAnn, who appeared as herself in the episode, tweeted about the experience writing, “So proud and so excited for my hubby @EddieCibrian and the whole CC cast and crew! Their brand new series #CountryComfort is out TODAY on @netflix. They had a “take your wife to work day” while filming, so I got to go play on set.”

Griffin Dishes On Country Comfort’s Dylan

Griffin said that the weirdest thing that he felt when playing the character of Dylan in Country Comfort was getting to play the middle child. “I am the oldest child in my family, so to be the middle child was very different. It was a lot of fun to experience older siblings and younger siblings.”

One thing that he would do differently to what his Country Comfort character wanted to do was that he has zero plans of being a business manager. “I definitely want to be on the other side of that, the singing and acting part,” he said.

The young Country Comfort star also opened up about how his father, New Kids on the Block singer Joey McIntyre, helps him out. “He gives me a lot of tips, but usually, they’re all on the stage. When he performs, I obviously want to be up there with him, and he gives me the chance to go out there with him… I feel like the tips are verbal sometimes, but they’re more in his actions on stage.”

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