Dolly Parton Praises Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Bikini Pic

Dolly Parton may not seem to have much in common with Kim Kardashian.

Parton became famous for her country music talents initially. And although Dolly also flaunts her trademark look (big hair, high heels, and a VERY curvy figure), fans as well as other celebrities cherish Parton primarily because of her musical gifts. 

In contrast, Kim initially rose to fame due to a sex tape. Add in a reality TV show, and Kardashian now is known as one of those celebrities famous for being, well, famous. 

As a result, finding similarities between Kardashian and Parton might appear impossible. 

But two individuals disagree. Find out how Kim and Dolly recently united on Instagram. Could a country music duet follow?!

Kim Kardashian Channels Her Inner Dolly Parton In Instagram Bikini Pic

Instagram followers of Kim Kardashian know that she loves to strike a pose imitating a celebrity. She’s done it with Cher, for example.

And now the reality TV star chose to show just how much she could resemble Dolly Parton! 

In the photo, Kim sports a two-piece purple bikini and flaunts her cleavage.  But she didn’t stop there in channeling her inner Dolly. 

Kardashian also quoted Parton in her caption.

“Don’t get too busy making a living that you forget to work on making a life,” wrote the 40-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, quoting the country music singer.

“Friendly reminder to always take a little time for yourself,” Kim then suggested.

Now Kardashian may have hoped for some “likes” and perhaps some cute responses. But we’re betting she did NOT anticipate that Dolly Parton herself would post a response!

Dolly Posts PERFECT Response To Kim Kardashian Instagram Pic, Y’all!

Perhaps notified by a friend that Kim Kardashian had imitated and quoted her, Dolly Parton made her way to the reality TV star’s Instagram pic.

And Parton then responded in a comment captured in a screenshot by another Instagram account.

As the Comments By Celebs Instagram post revealed, Dolly wrote, “You’re doing great sweetie.”

Get ready for the meta part of this response.

Parton’s post to Kardashian actually resembles exactly what Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, said when Kardashian posed for Playboy photoshoot in 2007.

“You’re doing great sweetie” has become so famous as a sly put-down that Kris even reportedly filed papers to trademark her phrase.

Kim Kardashian, Dolly Parton To Team Up For a Country Music Duet?

We think that this meeting of the reality TV and country music minds calls for the ultimate duet! 

Dolly, after all, has built a reputation for delighting her fans with duets. For example, Queen Latifah lifted up her smooth, sultry voice with Parton in “He’s Everything.”

And can any of Dolly’s fans forget her memorable, mesmerizing duet with Kris Kristofferson? Parton and Kristofferson gave us chills when they teamed up for “From Here To The Moon And Back.”

We think with some coaching for Dolly (such as “you’re doing great sweetie!”), Kim Kardashian could contribute at least a few lines in a chorus of a duet. Will we see country music meeting up with reality TV? We promise to bring you updates!  Keep checking Country Music Lane for more Dolly Parton news.

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