Revealed-Why Blake Shelton Lost His Mullet!

Revealed-Why Blake Shelton Lost His Mullet!

The real reason Blake Shelton lost his mullet has been revealed. In a recent on air interview with Taste of Country Nights on Demand, Terri Clark told a funny story.

Country Music And The Mullet Just Seemed To Go Together

The mullet hairstyle had a significant presence in the ’80s and ’90s, and its association with country music remains strong, as it has recently regained popularity.

The country singer who made the mullet most famous during that time period was Billy Ray Cyrus-yes, that guy-Miley Cyrus’ dad! Ever since Billy Ray sung and people danced the “achy breaky” mullet hairstyles have been tied to country.

But Blake decided to lose his mullet and Terri Clark knows the real reason. She was there when events took place that made his decision for him!

Terri Tells The Humorous Tale

Clark recently appeared as a guest on Taste of Country Nights on Demand to discuss her latest duets album, Take Two. During the interview, she shared an amusing anecdote involving Blake Shelton and his iconic mullet.

Clark reminisced about the intense competition they had in the past, where both artists were vying for the top spot on the singles charts. At that time, Shelton had “Austin” while Clark had “Girls Lie Too” released-Clark then proceeded to share the hilarious mullet story that left her interviewers in fits of laughter.

It Happened At Fan Fair, Now Known As CMA Fest

Terri said her favorite Blake story happened during CMA Fest and Fan Fair at the fairgrounds; it’s a hilarious story that he should definitely share because it’s so funny. The “You’re Easy on the Eyes” singer recalled the moment when Blake was getting out of a car and into a golf cart to go sign autographs.

There were a group of fans behind him, but all they could see was his back-this made Clark burst into laughter while trying to tell the story. The fans mistook Blake for Terri and called out, “Terri, hey Terri,” it was an embarrassing and awkward situation for both Blake and the fans.

Terri Took Blake Being Mistaken For Her As A Compliment

Clark was taken aback when people started comparing Blake to a football player with a mullet. He couldn’t believe it and wondered what was going on; this incident had a significant impact on him, and he decided to cut his hair right away.

He even mentioned that one of the reasons for doing so was to avoid being mistaken for a woman.

But was Clark offended by this exchange at the time-surprisingly, no. In fact, she took it as a compliment, acknowledging that Blake looks better in a tight pair of jeans than her!

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