Who Are Tanya Tucker’s Daughters, Presley and Layla?

Who Are Tanya Tucker’s Daughters?  Tanya Tucker, the country music superstar has had some romantic drama in her past. Nevertheless, she didn’t allow that to overshadow her role as a mother. The celebrity singer is the mom of three. Sweetly, her two daughters, Presley and Layla, are already following every bit of their mother’s steps in terms of talent and beauty.

Tanya Tucker and Glen Campbell

Tanya Tucker and Glen Campbell had a relationship many years ago. Campbell had six sons and three daughters from his several marriages, but their relationship didn’t produce any kids together.

The country music legend, Glen Campbell’s relationships, and marriages were as famous as his music. The duo began dating after Campbell’s third divorce, around 1980 and they collaborated on several songs together. After their breakup a couple of years later, Tucker reportedly wrote a song “Forever Loving You” in memory of their relationship.

Meanwhile, Campbell went on to marry for the fourth time and in 2017, the Rhinestone Cowboy passed away.

Tanya Tucker’s Relationships

Tanya Tucker was later in a relationship with actor Ben Reed. Fortunately, she had a daughter, Presley Tanita Tucker (born July 5, 1989), and a son, Beau “Grayson” Tucker (born October 2, 1991), with Reed.

Tanya Tucker was later in an on-and-off relationship with Jerry Laseter (a musician and songwriter) for many years. Sadly, she canceled their wedding days before the ceremony when she was pregnant for the third time and didn’t want to walk down the aisle pregnant.

Tanya Tucker and Jerry Laseter’s daughter, Layla LaCosta Laseter, (Layla Tucker) was born on June 25, 1999. Tucker took time off from music to focus on her daughter and replanning the wedding, but her relationship with Laseter eventually ended for good.

About Tucker’s Daughter, Presley

Tucker’s Daughter, Presley is surprisingly a musician like her mother. Both Presley Tucker and her brother, Beau Tucker are musicians and have performed with their mother over the years. Presley does her music with her friend, Spencer Bartoletti.

After meeting at a Nashville dive, the best friends combined their songwriting and singing talents to form their band Reverie Lane, along with other instrumentalists. Presley and Spencer have signed record and music publishing deals since they became a duo. Together, they have written songs for Matraca Berg, Marcus Hummon, Leslie Satcher, Rob Crosby, Brad Crisler, Lance Carpenter, Keesey Timmer, and other Nashville musicians.

Tanya gladly promotes her daughter’s band, Reverie Lane on every platform she gets to do it. Even without her influence, Presley and Reverie Lane are immensely popular as their busy performance schedule proves.

About Tanya Tucker’s Daughter, Layla

Layla’s middle name is a tribute to La Costa, Tanya Tucker’s older sister. Just like her mother, aunt, and siblings, Layla Tucker is also a musician. Layla Tucker’s parents (Tanya Tucker and Jerry Laseter) had an on-off relationship. She postponed her wedding to Jerry Laseter when she was pregnant with Layla and their engagement ended a few months after Layla’s birth; courtesy of domestic violence.

What followed afterward was a custody battle over their daughter, Layla. Surprisingly, after the fifth alleged incident of domestic violence, Tucker sought a restraining order against Laseter in 2005.

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