Travis Tritt Reveals Randomly Jumping on Tables Helped Launch His Music Career

Travis Tritt, The country music artist has been making multiple platinum albums after getting signed to Warner Bros. Records in 1989, but before he got his big break, he revealed that he had to go down the weird lane in order to get people to look at him and pay attention.

Tritt Talks about His Crazy Early Days and New Music

During an interview to promote his upcoming album arriving on May 7, the chart-topping artist shared a story from his earlier days when he was still fighting to get his big break, with Audacy Coop’s Rockin’ Saturday Night Program.

He discussed what he did in order to break into what was, and still is, a crowded industry with a million hopefuls struggling to catch their big break.

It was a daring strategy too: “I realized ‘Man, I gotta do something to get these people’s attention,’ because I was just kind of background music that they weren’t really paying attention to. [So] I went down to…the biggest music store around me…and I bought a brand new Fender twin amplifier, and I bought a Stratocaster guitar and a 100-foot long guitar cord,” he recalled. “I brought that back to my stage, and by that third set, I pulled out that Stratocaster, and I would literally run out and jump on top of people’s tables. I’m kickin’ empty beer bottles over, the whole deal. They had no choice.”

Well, Tritt is no longer jumping on tables these days, what with songs like Help Me Hold On, Anymore, Can I Trust You With My Heart and others jumping on top of country music charts, he’s more of a retired jumper these days.

Travis Tritt takes A New Musical Direction Hoping to Draw in New Fans

Travis Tritt’s new album “Set In Stone” out May 7 is described as the country singer going back to a “no-frills classic outlaw-country sound.” In reality, the country singer admits that the sound on the new album was actually geared toward bringing in new fans while making old fans fall in love all over again with his music.

“It was an absolute pleasure to get back in the studio again. It felt like I had never left. [My manager] Mike ’Cheese’ Brown [encouraged me] to treat old fans to something new and collect new fans along the way. We started talking about it, and it really became an exciting idea in my mind.”

As for his latest single “Smoke In A Bar”, he refers to the song as a humbler for the times “when the world was not so fast-moving and simple things weren’t overlooked or taken for granted.”

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