Blanco Brown Feeling Blessed To Perform Again

Blanco Brown is really grateful after surviving a near-fatal accident on August 31 when his motorcycle collided head-on with a pick-up truck in Atlanta.

Brown said that the accident was not his fault and further explained in an interview that it was particularly scary for him because he hadn’t broken a bone in his body all through his life and to break so many at once was threatening.

He also shakily recalled the experience when he got rushed into a 12-hour surgery saying, ““There’s nothing more real than laying there and you hear the doctor say, ‘If we don’t get him blood, he’s not going to make it,’ and there’s nothing you can do about it. That was a moment. I could only lay there. I was like ‘Please don’t let me leave.’”

The whole experience was made more scary for him since he could have no visitors due to COVID-19 guidelines in place at the time, but he found his strength and courage by listening to music by various artists that he loves.

On Sunday he presented the night’s first award for Group of the Year and there couldn’t be a more grateful artist than Brown at the ACM awards that night.

Blanco Brown Admits That He Can’t Wait To Perform On Stage Again

Brown was reportedly in the hospital for almost a month undergoing treatment for his injuries. At first he said that he couldn’t move his legs, as he’d broken his wrist, arms, legs, and pelvis from the accident, and that he couldn’t sit up or do simple things for himself at the time.

He said he had to learn to do simple things for himself and take part in his therapy program, “You just really don’t know what day you’re going to get until you get up and start trying to move around and do the physical therapy and stuff.”

Brown was grateful to be able to make an appearance at the show and was introduced by the co-host of the night, Keith Urban.

“I’m so blessed to be back on this stage, and I want to thank everyone in the country community for their love and support. And to all the life-saving first responders, words are not enough,” Brown said before presenting the award to Old Dominion, the group that ultimately emerged as winners.

After the show, Brown talked to reporters backstage, giving the fans updates as to his health and recovery process.

Blanco Brown’s Come Back

“I’m coming along, I’m blessed,” Brown commented. “I’m still rehabbing four to five times a week, and just building my strength so I can keep it going.”

Brown also told reporters that being at the stage felt “magical” for him and he can’t wait to get back on stage and perform for his fans.

“I can’t wait to get back on stage and perform for the first time, just to be on stage with the lights and having something to do,” said Brown. “Purpose over everything is what I stress to myself all the time, and to others, so it’s just a blessing. I mean, it ain’t really no words, but I wore ‘purpose’ on my ring so purpose over everything.”

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