Brothers Osborne Talk New Tour “We’re Not for Everyone”

The Brothers Osborne are pumped and ready to hit the road with their tour “We’re Not For Everyone” that will begin on June 29 in Philadelphia, Pa. With nearly four dozen stops, at outdoor amphitheaters and indoor theaters, the tour will run until late November.

Travis Denning and Tenille Townes will open most of the shows, as some of the dates still have a to-be-announced opening act instead.

With a packed tour referencing their hit song “I’m Not for Everyone”, the brothers are down to arranging their setlist. The drawback? That’s the one thing they both can’t seem to agree on.

John and Thomas Osborne Reveal the One Thing They Can’t Agree On

As brothers, band members, and business partners, making all manners of decisions together, whether personal or professional, is a huge deal with John and his brother.

However, in a recent interview with CMT Radio Cody Alan, the brothers revealed that while they agree in almost everything, they can’t get on the same page when it comes to setting up their setlist.

“With John and I, truthfully we agree on a lot, and then when we don’t agree, we couldn’t disagree anymore,” T.J shared.

“It’s one or the other,” continued John. “For example, we are going back out on the road here at the end of summer, fall and all that stuff, and we need to make a set list and we’ve been trying to make a set list for about a month and a half and we haven’t gotten the first song down because we can’t agree on the first song.”

“Our tour manager wants to quit every time we make a set list because it’s like please just make a damn setlist.”

I’m Not For Everyone Tour

While the brothers are still battling out what songs could make it into the setlist and which songs shouldn’t, I think that one of their hit songs would have to be an obvious choice for them to include in their upcoming tour.

The song “I’m Not for Everyone”, from their third studio album Skeleton, which obviously inspired their upcoming tour’s title, would probably be the first to make it into the list of songs to perform during the tour. Well, unless they read this and decide to prove me wrong.

“I’m like scotch and zydeco bands/ I’m like B-side Townes Van Zandt/ I’m always speaking my mind/ When I’m better off biting my tongue/ I’m a bad joke at the wrong time/ Hell, I’m a legend in my own mind/ I’m good for some but I’m not for everyone,” goes the chorus of the song that speaks on being okay with not satisfying everybody.

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