Taylor Swift Breaks Beatles Records With This Remade Country Music Classic

Taylor Swift recently reminded her fans of her country music roots.   And Swift did so in the best way possible. The petite songstress decided to tackle remakes of all her studio albums, beginning with the country music classic that made her famous. 

The result: “Fearless (Taylor’s Version).”  The reaction? Sorry, lovers of The Beatles, but Taylor just broke the famous group’s U.K. record!  Learn the exciting details below.

Country Music Queen Taylor Swift Outdoes The Beatles

Taylor Swift previously broke records on the U.S. music charts with her remake of “Fearless: Taylor’s Version.” Now Swift is achieving the same goal for the U.K. charts.

The singer’s re-recording of her country music album Fearless debuted at the number one spot on the Official U.K. Chart, per BBC Radio 1. That debut broke a record previously held by The Beatles.

And if we were setting Taylor’s achievement to music, we’d pick The Beatles’ song, “Here Comes The Sun.” As for Swift’s reaction? She’s a definite fan of anything and all things British, “luv,” as she recently wrote on Twitter.

In addition, Taylor now has placed third in the list of female singers with the highest number of albums on top of the charts.

Only Madonna and Kylie Minogue have outpaced Swift in this category.

Moreover, “Fearless: Taylor’s Version” marked the country music artist’s seventh number one album in the U.K., according to the British Official Charts on Twitter.

Taylor Swift Creating Country Music Amid Marriage Rumors

Amid the excitement over her remade country music album, Taylor Swift also faces rumors about an engagement. Add in reports of babies on the way, and we have to wonder: What’s the real truth about all those claims?

The “Love Song” songstress has participated in more than one love story in her life! Now Taylor seems to have found true love with Joe Alwyn.

After making headlines for all those love affairs in the past (remember her infamous fling with the notorious John Mayer?), Swift has clearly learned to keep her romances private. We do know that Swift and Alwyn reportedly met at the Met Gala in 2016. They started dating that same year.

As a result of all the attention paid to her romances in the past, Taylor has sought to keep her ongoing relationship with Joe private. But that hasn’t stopped marriage rumors from soaring.

Swift repeatedly has faced claims that she and Alwyn aren’t just engaged: They are preparing to become parents! Allegedly planning to have a baby during the pandemic, one tabloid even described the country music singer as “broody.” 

Thus far, though, all those rumors about Taylor and Joe rushing to get married have not panned out into reality. As for those claims of a baby bump? Thus far, Swift is expecting only more remade albums rather than a mini-me!

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