Dolly Parton Reveals Her Favorite Foods, Recipes, And Diet Secrets: ‘I’m A Hog At Heart!’

Dolly Parton looks as if the combined poundage of her creative costumes and wonderful wigs weigh more than she does!

And the country music singer’s revelations about her favorite foods make us wonder: How does Dolly Parton stay so slim?

We discovered the answer PLUS found out her favorite foods: Get the skinny below!

Dolly Parton Shares Stone Soup Recipe: Watch The Video!

This country music songstress (who recently revealed she won’t retire anytime soon!) doesn’t hold back when it comes to eating good food.

Dolly shared on the Hallmark Channel (see the video below) that she grew up in a poor family. To help them feel less deprived at meals, a “stone soup” containing an actual stone often appeared on the dinner table.

But don’t feel TOO sorry for Parton! She also revealed the recipe, and it’s got much more than a stone in it!

The ingredients include 2 quarts chicken stock or canned low-sodium broth; 1 pound russet potatoes, peeled and diced; 1 (14 ½ ounce) can diced tomatoes; 1 small head cabbage, coarsely chopped; 1 pound turnips, peeled and diced; 2 large carrots, diced; 1 small onion, chopped; 4 garlic cloves, minced; and 1 smoked ham hock.

As a result of all those healthy, filling foods, Dolly explained that the addition of “one very clean stone” is optional!

Dolly Parton Loves Down-Home Food, From Fried Okra To Dumplings!

Parton also feels partial to a country down-home favorite: Chicken and dumplings! In addition, Dolly admitted she loves extra-fatty foods.

The country music songstress told The New York Times favorite foods include fried okra, turnip greens, and roast pork.

But hey, y’all, Parton does not want you to miss out on the delights of dessert. On her Facebook page photos, Dolly has shared everything from her recipe for walnut pie to banana pudding.

With all that fattening food under her skinny belt, how does Parton stay in shape? Keep reading for the answer below!

Dolly Stays SLIM With These Diet Secrets!

Sassy walks and perky talks have become Dolly’s trademarks, along with that big bust and tiny waistline. As a result, we wondered just how the country music singer manages to eat those fattening foods without adding a pound?

Adding to the mystery, Dolly Parton told People magazine that she considers herself “just a hog at heart!”

Wait, what?!

Parton went on to explain that her weight has gone “up and down through the years.” And she didn’t stop with confessing that she struggles with weight gain.

Dolly Parton also revealed her main diet secrets:

  • Parton sticks to what she describes as a “low carb diet” Monday through Friday. By keeping her intake of high carbohydrate foods like biscuits and banana pudding low and her intake of protein high, Dolly Parton maintains her energy while staying slim.
  • On the weekend, the country music songstress cooks for her husband Carl Thomas Dean. He adores her “old Southern food,” including “gravy and biscuits and fried sausage or fried spam.”
  • Dolly treats herself to an occasional (not daily!) treat.

As for her ultimate favorite? Dolly Parton shared that she adores one of her mother’s dessert recipes.

“It’s like chocolate pudding, really, but you put it in the skillet with flour and sugar and milk and you just make a pudding. Mama used to put it with biscuits. Mama’s gone now, but she’s not gone in our memory and in our cooking,” noted Dolly.  Awwww!

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