Dolly Parton Reveals Real Reason She Wears Wigs

Dolly Parton reigns as one of our favorite country music stars. For years, fans have wanted to know all about Dolly, from her marriage to Carl Dean to her role as godmother to “wild child” Miley Cyrus.

As a result of their interest, fans of Parton long to know how she acquired her fondness for her famously enormous wigs. And what’s the truth about those bleached blonde hair rumors?

We’ve got all your answers below!

Dolly Parton Wows With Wonderful Wigs

For years, country music fans have associated Dolly Parton with an ever-changing array of wigs. But Parton hasn’t always revealed exactly why she wears those hair pieces.

We also wondered just how many wigs the country music star owns. So we did some searching and found a famous interview that Dolly did years ago with Andy Warhol!

Parton even revealed why she keeps her fingernails so long and trots around in high heels.

“I have little short hands so I like long nails, and I’m short so I like high heels,” explained Dolly. “I never could get my hair to do what I wanted it to do, so I started wearing the wigs. It all came from a very serious place. I wanted to look a certain way.”

As for how many wigs she owns? Parton estimates that she might have a different wig for every day of the year, because she insists on wearing her wigs daily!

So will fans ever see the country music songstress without a wig?

“No, not in public,” said Dolly firmly. “People expect it of me as much as I expect it of myself.”

Dolly Drops Bleached Blonde Bombshell!

Now let’s learn the truth about those rumors regarding Dolly Parton and bleached blonde hair. Some fans have speculated that Parton wears wigs because of a bleach hair dye job gone bad.

Dolly shared that she did indeed bleach her hair when she reached her freshman year in high school. At the time, hair-teasing became the latest style.

But Parton’s parents were NOT thrilled when she turned to blonde hair bleach!

“When I was a freshman in high school hair teasing came out. I’d already bleached my hair and got in big trouble,” admitted Dolly. “I have blonde hair, but it just wasn’t radiant, it’s sandy blonde. It wasn’t yellow and white and bright.”

The hair-teasing trend caused Parton to feel as if she had “died and gone to heaven. Being creative with my hands, I started teasing. I fixed everybody’s hair. I had the biggest hair in school.”

As for those rumors that Dolly lost her hair because of blonde beach? Wrong.

“I have baby-fine hair, but I have plenty of it,” added Parton.

And for those who still wish to see Dolly Parton without a wig? Anything is possible.

” In fact, I’ve often thought that some spring, in some great magazine, that I might do a layout on the new spring fashions and not wear the wigs,” confessed the country music legend.

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