Keith Urban Teams Up With Breland For Nicole Kidman Movie Songs

Keith Urban has won our hearts in two ways.   First, the country music star knows how to craft songs that touch our spirits and enhance our lives. And second, Keith has become a rare example of a successful, loving marriage amid entertainment industry pressures to another superstar, film legend Nicole Kidman. 

As a result, fans felt thrilled to learn how Urban recently wove his country music talents with his affection for his wife. And did we mention that his new accomplishments also give a rising country music singer a chance to grow in the industry?

Get the full story below, and enjoy the video featuring the new duet partners!

Keith Urban Teams Up With Rising Country Music Star: Meet Breland!

Keith stands out as a country music singer who can effortlessly shift from solos to duets. Recently, for example, Urban delighted us by teaming up with another country superstar, Taylor Swift

And now Keith has chosen the hot new rising country music star Breland as his newest duet partner. Breland, 25, has become known for collaborations with singers ranging from Sam Hunt to Mickey Guyton, Lauren Alaina, and Nelly.

Urban learned about Breland when the younger singer’s “My Truck” turned viral on TikTok. And Keith apparently didn’t hesitate to team up with Breland and give him a chance to soar. 

Keith Urban And Breland Craft Songs For Nicole Kidman Film 

Keith Urban and Breland talked with Entertainment Tonight about their new partnership. The two devoted several weeks to crafting songs for Nicole Kidman’s new film.

As a result of the need to collaborate closely amid a pandemic, the new duet partners even quarantined together. Keith summarized how it all went down.

“We wrote a bunch of songs for a movie that my wife is doing,” Urban shared. “So that’s what we spent two weeks writing.”

But Breland gave away how humble Keith remains amid his fame.   “Keith reached out to me, sent me a text. He was like, ‘Yo DB, this is Keith and in parentheses as in Urban.’ And I was like, ‘Is this Keith, like is this Keith Urban?!'” recalled Breland.

During their two-week collaboration that required a quarantine, the duo became close friends.

“Yeah 24 hours a day for two weeks, you get to know somebody really well,” pointed out Keith.

“And I will say this, I was like low-key hoping to just catch him slipping,” teased Breland. “He’s like the nicest guy I’ve ever met. He never slipped, he never slipped, two weeks and he’s really that dude.”

Breland Describes Keith Urban Working Style For New ‘Throw It Back’ Video: Watch!

We don’t even get to know about country music superstars’ real lives. But Breland spilled the tea on just how Keith works.

“Keith gets up really early regardless of how late he goes to sleep,” revealed Breland. “Like. we might’ve been up working until midnight and Keith is just, like, downstairs, sipping a coffee. He’s like, ‘Good morning!’ I’m like, ‘It’s, like, 5 in the morning.'”

Breland also talked about how the two put together their “Throw It Back” video (watch below!).

“The video is kind of like me in a club that Keith is performing at, trying to approach these women and shoot my shot. And it doesn’t typically go well,” confessed Breland.

“And Keith is there to save the day with his magic guitar pedal that throws things back in time to give me a redo.”

See what you think of that “magic guitar pedal” combined with Breland’s talents below.  Check back with Country Music Lane for more Keith Urban news and updates.



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