Kelly Clarkson And Reba McEntire’s Complicated Relationship

When Kelly Clarkson became related to country legend Reba McEntire, country music fans rejoiced.

The “we’re relatives!” excitement occurred when Kelly married Brandon Blackstock.

How is Brandon related to Reba? In 1989, McEntire tied the knot with guitarist and manager Narvel Blackstock. That marriage turned Reba into the stepmother to Narvel’s three offspring: Shawna, Chassidy, and Brandon Blackstock.

As a result, Clarkson’s marriage to Brandon made her McEntire’s daughter-in-law.

Find out all about Kelly’s and Reba’s relationship thus far, plus a MAJOR divorce bombshell below!

Kelly Clarkson, Reba McEntire: Friends Before Relatives!

A strong friendship formed for Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire years prior to becoming relatives.

Kelly and Reba admired each other’s country music successes, cheering one another on. Clarkson and McEntire even performed together, singing a duet cover of Kelly’s popular “Because Of You.”

In recent years, Clarkson has become one of the busiest women in show business. Her successful talk show has become a runaway hit, and Kelly continues to serve as a coach on “The Voice.” Add in her country music career, and Reba has shared that she misses their get togethers.

“We don’t get to see each other as much as we used to,” admitted McEntire. “And I hate that!”

But Reba did add that she hopes that she and Kelly can put together a country music tour in the future. Now, though, will the divorce bombshell revealed below impact that friendship between the two country music singers?

Kelly Stuns With Huge Divorce Bombshell!

About a year ago, Kelly Clarkson stunned her country music followers by filing for divorce from Blackstock. The couple had been married for six years and have a daughter, 7-year-old River Rose, and a son, Remington Alexander, who is 5.

But that divorce still has not been resolved. And now Clarkson just tossed a new bombshell that blew up all those rumors about a finalization to the divorce.

Just before Fourth of July, Kelly filed legal documents requesting that a judge declare her to have a single status, reported ET.

In the documents, Clarkson asked that the judge end her marital status. Those docs indicate that there is no immediate end to the complicated divorce. Custody and spousal support, for example, remain to be finalized.

The ongoing divorce puts Reba McEntire in an awkward situation. Should she empathize with her stepson, thereby potentially ruining her friendship with Kelly? Or should she side with Clarkson, therefore impacting her relationship with her stepson?

While we’re not sure what Reba will do, we do know that Kelly has been surprisingly open about her divorce. During an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the 44-year-old country music singer confided in guest Khloe Kardashian.

Kelly Clarkson confessed that co-parenting with her estranged husband has proved to be “tough” on both of them.

“With me and Brandon, it’s just a difficult thing because we’re in different places,” she admitted. “We both agree on the main things, but it’s a hard thing when you’re not together all the time, for me personally.”

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