Luke Bryan Uses Country Music Fame to Sell Beer and Underwear: What Do His Mom and Wife Think?

Luke Bryan may want to consider cloning himself. The country music superstar currently serves as a judge on American Idol, but also has continued his singing career.

Now Luke has taken on two new projects. And while they don’t have anything in common, both new ventures promise to give Bryan the opportunity to experiment with other skills. Will Luke decide to become an entrepreneur with his own beer brand? Or will Bryan trod a new path as a male model?

Get all the news, including what his wife and mom think about Luke’s new ventures, below.

Luke Bryan Becomes Beer Businessman: How Does His Mom Feel?

Talking with Entertainment Tonight, Bryan discussed his new hard seltzer and beer line, Two Lane Beer.

“The name [Two Lane] is like what you find at the end of the two lane road: a place to go fishing or camping or hang with your buddies,” explained Luke.

Currently involved in creating a commercial for his new beer brand, Bryan hopes to showcase the feeling of a nation filled with small towns populated by neighbors who care for each other. He also recognizes the unsung heroes in these areas.

“The theme is about your hometown and your hometown heroes and legends of your hometown,” clarified the country music legend. “I think in this pandemic we’ve learned more than ever that your town is about the people in that town and the little nuances that they have.”

So how does Luke’s mother feel about having her famous son go from country music to making beer?

“I can honestly say that I mean I come from a long line of beer drinkers and this one, it’s a great one, and when I give it to some of my buddies and my buddies back home, it passes with flying colors,” said Bryan.

And those “buddies” include his mother, who Luke calls “a top notch world class beer expert… [and] I’m glad she likes it. Mama has approved the beer.”

Luke Bryan Branches Out Into Modeling: Does His Wife Approve?

Just in case Luke wasn’t busy enough with his country music, American Idol judging, and beer-making, Bryan also has decided to become a male model. The country music singer teamed up with Jockey to create underwear ads.

How does Luke’s wife, Caroline Boyer, feel about her husband modeling underwear? Not only is Caroline delighted, but she’s participating in the ads! And Bryan is proud to praise his wife’s talents.

“Caroline and I, we’ve done some videos together, but when we filmed the commercials I was like, ‘Who is this actress I’ve been living with?'” gushed Luke. “She really impressed me. She intimidated me.”

Watch for Luke Bryan’s ads for Jockey underwear and Two Lane beer airing soon. And don’t miss the excitement of his appearance on the current season of American Idol.

Luke Bryan loves working with fellow judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie.

“It is fun to be the judge and just be loose and have fun, and I think we are doing that now more than ever,” said Bryan. “I feel like we are really catching our stride and really be able to blend it all together.”

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