Luke Bryan Praises Wife Caroline for Nursing Him Back To Health after Having COVID-19

Luke Bryan acknowledged to PEOPLE the challenging couple of days that he faced when he got diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, adding that he fortunately didn’t have a “long set of symptoms.” The reigning Academy of Country Music Awards’ Entertainer of the Year further talked about how his wife helped him get through the hard times.

Luke Bryan Shares His COVID-19 Journey

The 44-year-old country music singer/songwriter revealed that he contracted coronavirus on April 12th, later adding that he won’t be appearing on American Idol until he has fully recovered.

On Sunday when he won the Academy of Country Music Awards as the entertainer of the year, he accepted his award virtually live from the American Idol stage in Los Angeles.

“Certainly the key to feeling better for having COVID was, you know, I was very fortunate to not have a long, long set of symptoms and stuff. … It was still quite challenging for a couple of days, but thank God for just, certainly, health,” The What Makes You Country singer said. “There were times when Caroline was nursing me back to health, so I was certainly amazed to move through that.”

“And now, looking back on the past going into a year and a half, I mean, the main thing that’s got us through is certainly your friends and your family and praying that everybody can see the side of certainly this pandemic,” Bryan added.

Luke Bryan Praises Wife Caroline for Nursing Him Back To Health after Having COVID-19

He further discussed the challenging year and how he had tried to keep himself grounded through all of that.

He admitted that being home more than he usually used to be brought him closer to his children and family, stating that it was something he was grateful for. Bryan has two sons with Caroline Boyer: Bo, 13, and Tate, 10.

But you learn that, at your core, I mean, being out onstage in front of your fans is a big part of my happiness as a human being too,” Luke Bryan commented. “I’m not gonna sit here and say I haven’t had ups and downs and bouts of kind of depression stuff, as so many people out there … you look back on a night and certainly winning entertainer of the year is one of those things where you’re like, you know, thank you God, thank you fans. Very excited here in L.A. tonight.”

He later said that despite it all, he really feels “blessed” to finally get to be on the other side of COVID-19.

Bryan Admits Feeling Frustrated About Suffering from the Coronavirus

In another interview with Entertainment Tonight Bryan shared his struggle quarantining at home and the frustration he felt when he had to sit out a live episode of American Idol in his isolation.

“I put myself in a part of the house and stayed away from my boys. I really didn’t want the boys to miss any school so [the one of the hardest things was] not being able to hug all my children,” the country star said, finally adding, “I mean, it was really really tough not being [at Idol]. That was the toughest part of quarantine. It was really tough for me to have to miss out but I was really honored and very, you know, amazed that Paula stepped in for me.”

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