Carly Pearce Hated Kelsea Ballerini

We usually see Carly Pearce and Kelsea Ballerini embracing tightly as best friends. What most country music fans might not know at first is that country music star, Carly, did not take too kindly to her fellow star, Kelsea, when they first came across each other.

Carly Pearce recently opened up about her hate for Kelsea Ballerini when she was being interviewed by Storme Warren.

The Rocky Start To A Great Friendship Between Celebrities

It is easy for country music fans to think that the tight friendship between country music stars, Carly and Kelsea, hit it off from the start. Far from it.

During the interview, Carly Pearce revealed the reason behind her hate for Kelsea at their first meeting. The stars first met at a therapy session organized specifically for celebrity musicians. At the time, Kelsea had just got signed by a record label and was about to release her “Love Me Like You Mean It” single.

She revealed this big information during a group session, which filled Carly with so much envy and hate. Carly recounts her feelings at the time as being hateful towards Kelsea in every sense of the word, as she saw a young, delighted girl who was five years her junior already on the ladder towards success. She added that she cried during the session as she was envious of Kelsea’s success.

It was left to Carly to either bear malice towards Kelsea while building her career, or being honest to herself and seek Kelsea’s help in dealing with her hate. To her credit, she chose the latter andd that has lead to the blossoming friendship she shares with Kelsea.

From that day on, the two have grown to become best of friends because of Carly’s honest approach.

Carly Pearce: Kelsea Ballerini Helped My Musical Career A Great Deal

Carly later revealed in the same interview with Warren that she got the boost her musical career needed because of Kelsea’s influence. She divulged that Kelsea took it upon herself to negotiate with her label to take her on her road tours.

For Carly, this was a massive boost to her upcoming career as a country artist at the time as Kelsea gave her the chance to perform as the opening act on several occasions, even though she had not been signed by a record label.

The 29 album star further disclosed that if she had not taken the bold step to be honest with Kelsea at their first meet, she would not achieve the present high level success in her country music career.

It is obvious to see that Carly Pearce is reaping the fruits of her openness with Kelsea, as she has gone on to be an award-winning artist with her songs and collaborations with other artists. According to her, Kelsea is her most prized asset as she didn’t forget her when she was already successful in her career. Honestly is the foundation for the wonderful friendship between Carly and Kelsea.

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