Kelsea Ballerini And Kenny Chesney New Song: Half of My Hometown

Kelsea Ballerini  and Kenny Chesney are making country music magic. On a fresh episode of Taste of Country Nights, Knoxville Tennessee native, Kelsea Ballerini narrated the story of how she and Kenny Chesney partnered for her new song.

Kelsea said at the time she was preparing to record her new single “Half of My Hometown,” she only had one duet partner in mind – Kenny Chesney. However, convincing Kenny for the new collaboration was a difficult task because he hadn’t collaborated with anyone in the past decade- but he just had to be her duet partner.

Kelsea Ballerini Remembers Past Event with Kenny Chesney

Kealsea Ballerini recalled a moment – some years ago, while she was preparing to play in New York’s Times Square. She got a text some weeks before the show from Kenny Chesney. Sweetly, he had played a concert in the venue (New York’s Times Square) a few weeks before her show and noticed her forthcoming event on the scrolling billboard outside the Times Square Venue.

He (Kenny Chesney) captured a photo of the event, got her number, and sent it to her (Kelsea Ballerini). In the text, Kenny wrote that he was proud of her.

The duet partners for “Half of my Hometown” both hail from Knoxville, Tennessee. So, it makes perfect sense that Kelsea Ballerini chose him to be a partner in this new single since the song reflects everything about Knoxville, Tennessee.

Excerpts From Kelsea and Kenny’s New Song

The new single “Half of my Hometown” showcases Kelsea’s relationship and love for her hometown. The song narrates how her hometown had deepened and changed her into a fine homecoming queen from her childhood into adulthood. It also reflects how she misses the people and friends who she knew while growing up in the neighborhood. Sadly, some of them left over the years, while some still stayed in East Tennessee.

In Kelsea Ballerini’s words, she said while talking to Taste of Country “one of the big things of this album is me getting my head up for air over this last year and kind of realizing that I’ve been dealing with a tug-of-war of really loving traveling. I love the opportunity that it allows me to have, but I am starting to understand the value of home and hometown. Also, I am starting to put roots down and invest more in friendship.”

Talking about Choosing Her Duet Partner

Kelsea Ballerini admits that the stakes were high choosing the perfect musician for her “half of my hometown” album. However, she knew what she wanted and who she wanted to record the new song with – and that was Kenny Chesney. So, she sent him a text message at 2.00 am immediately after she finished recording her vocal part.

Interestingly, Kenny didn’t leave her waiting in suspense for too long. He wrote back  and said he loved the song. That for her was emotional because, in a way, they both have similar upbringings.

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