Chris Young New Music: “Famous Friends”

A new Chris Young album and era is upon us. Originally called “Raised on Country” by Chris Young, after his 2019 top 5 single, he later decided to rename it Famous Friends – a name that comes from the 2020 hit single which saw him collaborating with fellow country musician Kane Brown.

“With ‘Raised On Country,’ what we were trying to write was an anthem about the music I grew up on,” says Young. “And obviously, when you start talking about how you grow up and what shapes you outside of your town and the music you listened to, it’s definitely your friends. And I think that was kind of the seed in ‘Famous Friends.'”

The single “Famous Friends” served as the third single released from Young’s upcoming project. It immediately became a fan-favorite as a result of its message that speaks on recognizing the unsung heroes from one’s hometown.

The music video for the single actually includes both Chris Young and Kane Brown’s real life friends and the duo called out their hometowns using the song’s catchy lyrics.

Chris Young on Releasing His Highly Anticipated Eight Studio Album

Chris Young, 35, has been pretty consistent with his album releases, with one being dropped almost every year after his self-titled debut album and sophomore album came in 2006 and 2009 respectively. As for his newest project, the country star knows he’s been teasing his fans a lot to build excitement for the project, but he’s finally ready to put it out to the world and see how his fans react to it.

“It’s been so long that I’ve been talking about all the stuff that I did in the past year and a half, and I think people at one point thought I was just messing with them a little bit,” Young says. “They were like, ‘Do you actually have an album coming out?’ But it’s so exciting to have this information out there.”

Speaking on his November 2020 collaboration with his “famous friend” Kane Brown, he remarked that the “song has really made a name for itself with how much people love it,” Young explains. “Going into the album launch right here in the heat of the summer with a song that’s becoming one of the songs of the summer, it made a lot of sense to call this Famous Friends.”

The single “Famous Friends” entered the top ten spots for the Billboard’s Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs chart. It quickly became loved by many country music fans for its simple and affectionate message that congratulates small-town heroes.

“Kane and I have gotten to know each other over the years, from him being on tours with me, from us writing together, from me guesting on his album in the past. All of this stuff came together,” Young said about his collaboration with Brown. “‘Famous Friends’ is fun, it’s super uptempo and I got to sing with my buddy Kane. All of this worked out as [perfectly] as it possibly could on one song.”

“Famous Friends” Album Details

The album will be dropping on August 6, and while its track list hasn’t been revealed yet, it will feature previously released songs “Raised on Country”, “Drowning”, “Town Ain’t Big Enough” featuring Lauren Alaina, and of course, the collaborative single “Famous Friends”. The album’s cover art has been revealed.

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