Conner Smith Grand Ole Opry Debut

Conner Smith has been taking country music by storm as of late, and if you haven’t heard of the hot new Nashville singer, you will soon.  You haven’t really “arrived” in country music until you sing on the Grand Ole Opry stage.  And, thanks to his tour mate Thomas Rhett, Conner Smith will be doing just that on May 28, 2022.

Conner Smith and Thomas Rhett will be hitting the road soon on the “Bring The Bar To You Tour” this Summer.  But, before they hit the road, Rhett invited Smith to sing on the Grand Ole Opry stage this month.

Conner Smith Talks Grand Old Opry Debut

Thrilled by the opportunity, Conner confessed, “Being a Nashville kid, my biggest dream has been to leave a mark on the history of Country music while also carrying on its legacy.  The Grand Ole Opry is every piece of that so having the opportunity to stand in the circle for the first time means more to me than I can really put into words.”

Smith has been named one of Spotify’s Hot Country Artist to Watch for 2022 and Amazon Music’s 2022 Amazon Artist To Watch as well as Artists To Watch 2022: The Pandora Ten list.

Conner Smith Songs

While Conner is just beginning his country music career, you may recognize him from his popular song “Learn From It.”  Smith also had a viral hit titled “I Hate Alabama.”  Recently, the hot new music singer was working with popular artists like Sam Hunt and Ryan Hurd.

If you are a fan of Conner Smith or just a fan of country music in general, then you will not want to miss him when he is on tour in a city near you this summer.  You can visit his official website right here for more tour dates and ticket info.  In the mean time, let us know what you think about Conner’s music in the comments below and be sure to check back on Country Music Lane for daily country music news and updates.

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