Thomas Rhett Reveals Inspiration Behind “Daddy Song”

Thomas Rhett Reveals that his lovely emotional “Daddy song” was inspired by a random conversation.

Who’s heard Thomas Rhett’s beautiful song, “To The Guys That Date My Girls”, dedicated to his daughters and who wasn’t touched by its sweet message. Rhett performed the song on his tour, though it was still unreleased at the time.

Thomas Rhett usually started his performance by asking for some dads in the room with little girls to make some noise, with the crowd happily responding with the noise. It’s probably one of his most fan-favorite tracks and his fans are delighted to see it included in his latest album Country Again, Side A tracklist.

How a Conversation Turned into a Song

Thomas Rhett revealed that his emotional song “To The Guys That Date My Girls” was actually inspired by a moment in his life.

“I was riding around with a buddy of mine who lives in Charleston. We were just talking about that first moment when somebody comes over to pick up my kids for a date. And, just kind of being like, “What do you say?”

In a conversation with CMT’s Cody Alan, Thomas Rhett shared that his August-premiered track actually was based around a critical question a friend of his asked him.

“Are you going to be the super stern dad? Are you going to joke? Are you going to invite them in for coffee? Whatever that means,” Rhett said his friend questioned. “And, for me, this was kind of a letter to whoever it is, and just getting across, ’This is my whole world right here, so please, for the love of God, treat her right.’”

“I watched big ole burly men just crying their eyes out when I played this song, and I knew we had something special,” Rhett continues. “I think it’s been one of the most anticipated songs on this record. Definitely one of my favorites on the album.”

The song is one of 11 songs that will be released with Rhett’s Country Again, Side A album on April 30. The side B version release date has been announced to happen later in 2021.

Rhett earlier stated that the entire album was kind of based around its lead single “Country Again”, a song about finding time to look back at the things you once loved and loving them again.

Thomas Rhett at the ACM Awards

Thomas Rhett, the reigning Academy of Country Music Awards’ male artist of the year, took the stage on Sunday to show his appreciation for his fans, but mostly for his wife, Laura Atkins, and three daughters: Willa, 5, Ada, 3, and Lennon, 1. “I love y’all so much,” he shouts out to his family.

In his soon-to-be released single, Rhett gives advice to the guys who will one day date his girls.

“I know they won’t be young forever/ But I’m gonna hold on as long as I can/ When you take their hand remember/ You’re holding my whole world/ Just a friendly reminder to the guys that date my girls, yeah.”

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