Dolly Parton Pays Tribute To Her Steel Magnolia Co-Star Olympia Dukakis

One of Olivia Dukakis’ most beloved performances was for the movie Steel Magnolia, which she starred in alongside Dolly Parton and Sally Field. On May 1, the prolific actress died at age 89, a month and few days from her 100th birthday, after witnessing failing health for months.

Her brother announced the sad news on Facebook, and since then, the internet has been flooded by people affectionately sharing memories of the time when she was yet alive and the movies she helped bring to life with her incredible performances.

According to her brother, Dukakis has now gone to be with Louis, her husband who passed away in 2018 after spending over five decades of his life married to the iconic actress.

Apart from her dignified acting career, Dukakis also taught drama at NYU for 15 years and was a founding member of two regional theaters.

Olympia’s Steel Magnolia Costars Pay Their Respect To The Late Actress

“I was so sorry to hear that Olympia Dukakis had passed away,” Parton, 75, told Today of the Academy Award winner who played the role of spunky Clairee Belcher in the 1989 classic Steel Magnolia. “She has been one of my favorite people that I have ever known or worked with.”

Parton continued: “I really got very close to her and felt like we were good friends. Even though I didn’t get to see her much, I thought of her often and knew that she was such a quality human being. She will be missed by her fans, her family, and those of us that were lucky enough to get to know her personally.”

Field, 74, also remembered the actress with a few emotional words she shared on her Twitter account. “What can I say but I loved her? Everyone loved her. She was a gift… unique and talented and one of a kind. Rest in peace, my friend Olympia,” she shared.

Dolly Parton Pays Tribute To Her Steel Magnolia Co-Star Olympia Dukakis

The movie is based on an 1987 play by Robert Harling of the same name, the classic’s main theme was how grief and loss of one of their own brought a group of small-town southern women together. The movie also stars Julia Roberts, Shirley MacLaine, Tom Skerritt, Dylan McDermott.

Dukakis Gets Loving Messages From Her On-screen Daughter From One of her Most Popular Movies Moonstruck

On Saturday, Cher, who had the honor of playing the late Oscar award winning actress’ daughter in the 1987 movie Moonstruck also shared her time with Dukakis on the set of the movie.

“Olympia Dukakis Was an Amazing Academy Award Winning Actress,” the 74-year-old shared. “Olympia Played My Mom In Moonstruck,& Even Though Her Part was That Of a Suffering Wife, We ALL The Time. She Would Tell Me How MUCH She Loved Louis, Her Handsome Talented, Husband. I Talked To Her 3Wks Ago. Rip Dear One.” She also shared pictures of the actress looking happy with her husband by her side.

Dukakis won both the Golden Globe and an Academy Award for her performance in Moonstruck. At the time, she jokingly shared that she was “so worldly and sophisticated”, adding “When I heard I’d been nominated, I jumped up and down 50 times, like a child.”

The actress performed in more than 130 stage productions, appeared in over 60 films and in 50 television series. She received many awards and accolades for her role in numerous movies. She is also remembered for her playful and sharp-witted quotes that she occasionally shared with the world.

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