Is Wynonna Judd Married

Is Wynonna Judd married?  The Judds were forced back in to the spotlight this month after the tragic death of Wynonna and Ashley’s mom, Naomi Judd.  Despite being household names and country music legends, the personal lives of The Judds have been kept pretty personal over the last few years.  And, a lot of fans can’t help but wonder, who exactly is Wynonna Judd’s husband Cactus Moser?

Like Wynonna Judd, her husband Cactus Moser is a country music artist.  Moser is actually a member of the singer’s band Big Noise and is well known in the country music world for his skills on the drums.  In fact, Cactus has won four Country Music Awards over the years and has received a handful of Grammy nominations.

Who Is Wynonna Judd’s Husband

Wynonna Judd knew Cactus Moser for several decades before the couple began dating.  He actually was on tour with Wynonna and her late mother Naomi Judd back in the 80’s.  Cactus and Wynonna did not become romantic until 2009, and they were married in Tennessee in 2011.

If you have followed Cactus Moser over the years, then you most likely noticed that the skilled country music drummer only has one leg.  According to reports, Wynonna’s husband lost one of his legs in a motorcycle accident in 2012 right after they were married.  But, it’s certainly not slowing him down any, and he was back on stage just a few months after his crash.

Cactus Moser is actually the third husband of Wynonna Judd.  Wynonna married Arch Kelley III in 1996 when she was pregnant with their son Elijah Judd.  Judd’s second marriage was surrounded by controversy from the beginning and ended with a shocking arrest.  The country music singer married her bodyguard DR Roach in 2003.

Four years later, after a lot of drama, Wynonna’s husband was arrested for sexually abusing a child under the age of 13 years old and she promptly filed for divorce.  To date, her married to Cactus Moser seems to be Wynonna’s longest and most successful relationship yet.

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