Wynonna Judd In Concert – Highway To Hope Date & Ticket Details

Wynonna Judd is taking the stage, save the date!  It may be the first virtual ‘Highway to Hope’ concert, but St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund organizers are hoping to make the event an annual thing.

Multi-award winning country music singer/songwriter has been confirmed as the headliner for the upcoming charity event that will benefit St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund.

Wynonna Judd In Truckers Relief Fund’s First Ever Virtual Concert

The virtual concert will be hosted by Radio Nemo’s Jimmy Mac and will include performances by other country artists such as John Schneider, Billy Dean, Lindsay Lawler and Heath Sanders. The ‘Highway to Hope’ event will take place on May 16.

The fund is meant to support truck drivers and their families who can’t work any more due to illnesses or injury. They assist with living expenses such as rent or mortgage, utilities, vehicle payments and insurance. The group also organizes health and wellness programs, including smoke cessation and finding the closest locations to get vaccinated from the coronavirus.

The SCF director of Philanthropy and development, Shannon Currier, took advantage of the cancellation of National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC) conference where Wynonna Judd was originally set to perform to invite her to perform at the virtual concert.

“So I called my contact … and literally the same day we got a yes from Wynonna,” Currier said. “Then she was like, ‘Let me call up my friend Billy Dean and see if he wants to be a part of this too. And then, of course, he said yes.”

Other Country Music Singers Set To Perform

John Schneider, the star of Dukes of Hazzard, is also set to perform in the virtual concert and has been a long time supporter of the charity. He is a frequent contributor to the SCF charity and has donated a portion of his latest album to it. According to reports, he was only too happy to be included in the lineup after hearing of it from Currier.

Currier went on to bring in Lawler because of her previous connections to the charity and the trucking industry, which she’s been supporting for a long time.

Finally, Heath Sanders may be a new face in the country music scene, but he was formerly a truck driver in the oil fields.

“We have industry artists that have been around forever that everyone knows and loves,” Currier said. “The group covers a whole range of audiences. And I am so excited to have everyone involved … it’s been humbling.”

She’s excited to have been able to put the show together, but she’s also looking forward to the future and hopes to be able to do it again.

‘Highway to Hope’ Wynonna Judd Concert Details

“We haven’t even got this one under our belt, and I am already thinking of the next one,” she said. “We already had a couple of artists reach out about doing it. So, we haven’t called it the ‘first annual event’ but we are hoping it is…and hopefully not virtually!”

The event will take place on Sunday, May 16. It will run from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. CST. Tickets and more details are available at the SCF website.

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