Kelly Clarkson Beats Ellen DeGeneres At Daytime Emmy Awards

Kelly Clarkson fans just got a new reason to sing their praises of their favorite country music songstress! 

In addition to her own success as a country music legend, Kelly has delighted viewers of “The Voice” as a coach and watchers of her talk show as a dynamic host. 

Now Clarkson has become the very first country music singer to win not one but TWO talk show awards at the daytime Emmys! Get all the details, plus discover which legendary talk show host she beat below. 

Daytime Emmy Awards Traditionally Honor Ellen DeGeneres… Until Now

For years, Ellen DeGeneres has taken home the Daytime Emmy Awards for both outstanding talk show AND outstanding talk show host. It seemed like “The Ellen Show” would be unbeatable. 

And for the past two years, that winning streak held. Ellen took home the best talk show Emmys in both 2020 and 2019. 

But then came Kelly Clarkson. And while Ellen recently has earned a reputation (deservedly or not) for poor management of her staff and occasional mistreatment of her celebrity guests, Kelly repeatedly has won praises. 

As a result, Clarkson beat 8-time winner Ellen DeGeneres at the 2021 Daytime Emmy Awards! 

Kelly Clarkson Wins Twice

The country music singer just may want to add a room to her house for all her awards. With the addition of her newest Daytime Emmys, Kelly owns three Grammy Awards as well as three Emmys!

Here’s what Kelly took home at the 2021 48th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards:

  • Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Emmy Award for her syndicated The Kelly Clarkson Show.
  • Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host Emmy Award for her work in using her show to interview both celebrities and real people doing extraordinary things.

Showing her gracious and generous nature, Clarkson didn’t use her acceptance speech to sing her own praises. Instead, Kelly expressed appreciation to the producers of The Kelly Clarkson Show for their work in finding and creating “heartfelt stories.”

With music playing such a key role in her show, Clarkson also named her band in her acceptance speech. The country music singer expressed appreciation to that group for having her back in her musical segments.

What Makes Kelly Clarkson’s Talk Show So Special? Let Us Count The Ways!

Talk shows come and go. And like restaurants, it takes a special someone to succeed in the crowded industry. 

But let us list all the reasons that Kelly has turned her The Kelly Clarkson Show into a consistent success story:

  1. Kelly has shown that she knows how to win viewers as well as charm her guests. For example, as Clarkson shared on her Instagram recently, the country music singer persuaded the charming Sean Hayes to strut his own musicality! 
  2. The Kelly Clarkson Show knows how to create what her YouTube channel calls “Most Talked About Moments.” Celebrities such as the intrepid Salma Hayek and Sherri Shepherd feel free to reveal insights into their lives for the first time because the country music singer knows how to put them at ease! 
  3. Games people play: While Ellen DeGeneres uses her talk show to play games that sometimes seem designed to embarrass guests or get them to say four-letter words that get bleeped out, Kelly keeps her games G-rated fun. An example: A game of virtual charades with Maya Rudolph got us laughing so loudly that our cat hid under the bed (sorry, itty bitty kitty!).
  4. Clarkson shares her appreciation regularly for her staff and crew. When she took home the Daytime Emmy Awards, she turned to Twitter to applaud them all. 



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