Watch Matthew McConaughey In Trisha Yearwood Classic “Walkaway Joe”

Matthew McConaughey and Trisha Yearwood had a deep talk about his work in “Walkaway Joe” during an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

About Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is a seasoned actor and Oscar winner known for his work in films such as Dallas Buyers Club, A Time to Kill, The Lincoln Lawyer (which also starred country singer/actor Trace Adkins), The Wedding Planner, and more.

In 1992, Matthew McConaughey was just a 23-year-old college student and aspiring actor trying to boost his resume.

Yearwood Guest Hosted the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Yearwood, recently guest-hosted an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show with her husband and fellow country artist Garth Brooks. While doing what they do best, they welcomed McConaughey on the show, through a virtual meeting. During their conversation, Yearwood asked McConaughey if he recalled the time in 1992 when he appeared in Yearwood’s music video for “Walkaway Joe.”

Walkaway Joe Music Video

Well, in the classic 1992 music video for many of us who didn’t watch it at that time, McConaughey was portrayed as a young boy whose aim was to convince a young girl to be with him for a day only to later leave her behind. The video also featured Eagles singer-songwriter Don Henley, who provided harmony vocals on the track.

Trisha Yearwood Appreciates Matthew McConaughey

Yearwood in her words told Matthew McConaughey “I want to thank you because I’ve never had the chance to publicly thank you for being in the video for ’Walkaway Joe.’ It’s been almost 25, 30 years ago now! I always tell everybody that this was one of the first things that you did and that I basically gave you a career and now you’re way more famous than me,” Yearwood added as a joke. “But do you have any memory of doing that? Because we were not in the same place. You were in Austin and I was in Nashville.”

McConaughey while responding to Yearwood’s question said, “Over 30 years and we’re finally—Yes, I remember this very well. I remember I was wearing a pager at the time because I remember I was in school at the University of Texas and anytime that pager would go off, and they’d say, ‘Can you get to San Antonio and audition for this beer commercial or this music video?’ I’d bam! Out of class. I’m out of here, trying it out. Well, I was about 0 for 18, and then I got the pager…to come to try out for this video, and I got that one. I remember we spent a day— you know, they used to tell stories in the videos, much different than they do now. It’s a little story, the Walkaway Joe, they meet. It’s a great day. They go swimming. They hang out. They run hand in hand. They end up back at a ’motel,’ not a hotel. Everything went well, and all of a sudden old Walkaway Joe just slips on out the door. He’s the wrong kind of guy.”

Yearwood responded humorously, “I feel like we should do this video again maybe at some point.”

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