Jennifer Nettles Talks New Album As ‘Misbehavin’ Christian Country Video Goes Viral: Watch!

jennifer nettlesJennifer Nettles just proved that this country music singer belongs in the “triple threat” category! 

Country music fans love Jennifer for both her solo singing and her participation in the group Sugarland.

But Nettles also has shown her skill at acting. For example, Jennifer took on the role of Dolly Parton‘s mom in the TV film, Coat Of Many Colors.

Most recently, Nettles demonstrated her third qualification for that “triple threat” category: This country music songstress can dance!

Get the hot news about Jennifer’s new country album PLUS the video that’s gone viral below.

Jennifer Nettles Talks New Country Music Album

The Sugarland singer just unveiled a solo album, “Always Like New.” With 10 tracks, the album represents Nettles’ collaboration with arranger Alex Lacamoire.

As a result of that solo work, Jennifer told Entertainment Focus what makes the album so different.

“For me, it’s like vocally… what a carnival, what an absolute treat,” gushed Nettles.

And the country music songstress pointed out exactly what made this album such a delight to produce.

“In modern popular music, and everything that falls underneath that umbrella from country to pop, the structure is much more limited,” explained Jennifer. “It’s usually verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus in terms of composition, and definitely in terms of vocal melodies.”

But in “Always Like New,” Nettles dared to take musical risks.

“Never would I in Country music have a need, for example, to sing the E above middle C,” admitted Jennifer. “But in musical theatre it’s like, ‘yes, let’s go! Let’s stretch the whole range.'”

As a result, “Always Like New” weaves a touch of country with a serving of musical theater. The result? A new album that country AND musical theater fans can cherish! 

Sugarland Singer Proves Her Acting, Dancing, Singing Skills in HBO Show ‘Righteous Gemstones’: Watch!

Some performers might take a break occasionally. But Jennifer Nettles seems to thrive on work!

The country music singer recently put on her dancing shoes (well, make that clogging shoes!) and took on a challenging role in the hit HBO show, “Righteous Gemstones.”

In that show, Jennifer plays Aimee-Leigh Gemstone, sister of Baby Billy Freeman (Walton Goggins) and wife of Dr. Eli Gemstone (John Goodman). And one video clip from that show has gone viral! 

The video shows Nettles with Eli and Baby Billy. Aimee-Leigh’s brother interrupts her husband’s desire to take a commercial break from their religious show. 

Instead, Baby Billy flaunts his “clogging shoes” and urges his sister to “dance and sing” with him. As for Eli? Aimee-Leigh’s husband watches with a mixture of jealousy and admiration as his wife proves her talents.

The video showing this scene has gone viral for so many reasons. First, the Christian country song, “Misbehavin’,” is one of those catchy tunes that stays in your head. It was created specifically for the HBO show. 

And second, just watch Jennifer Nettles and Walter Goggins prove their clogging and singing skills below! (Warning: This song DOES stay with you… so excuse us while we go “running through the house with a pickle in our mouths!”)

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    How can you call that song a Christian song? It is not.

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