Miley Cyrus Honors Dolly Parton

When country music fans think of their favorite singers, Miley Cyrus doesn’t usually rank on the list. (Sorry, Ms. Miley!)

But now Cyrus has created a country music-focused concert that just might change fans’ minds. Miley, who is the goddaughter of legendary country music icon Dolly Parton, gave her all to her “Stand By You” LGBT Pride Concert recently.

Find out how Cyrus honored Dolly as well as the LGBT community below.

Miley Cyrus Loves Godmother Dolly Parton: How She Showed It In Concert

For those thinking Miley Cyrus might feel, well, challenged, in singing country music, Cyrus proved them all wrong!

During her Stand By You concert,  Miley opened with a country tune created specifically for the Peacock TV streaming special.

“We’re here at the Ryman in Tennessee for a Peacock special from yours truly, who was raised not far from this shiny stage,” Miley crooned. “Known for being too glam to give a damn, I guess you can say it’s in my genes.”

And Cyrus sweetly segued to include her godmother Dolly Parton in her intro.

The young singer confessed that she hoped not to “let Dolly [Parton] down” in focusing her concert on country music. Singing from Nashville, TN, Miley welcomed guests to the concert designed to honor Pride Month. The show streamed on Peacock TV.

Feathers, sequins, and drag queen performers dazzled throughout the June 25 tribute, entitled, Miley Cyrus Presents Stand By You. Cyrus focused on honoring the battle for LGBTQ+ equality and recognition.

Country Music Guests Join Miley Cyrus In Celebrating LGBT Pride Month

Miley shared many of the special moments from her concert on her Instagram. Among the highlights: Cyrus dueting with Maren Morris.

Other country music singers celebrating Pride Month with Miley included Brothers Osborne, Orville Peck, and Mickey Guyton. In addition, the country music group Little Big Town stepped on stage with Miley to cover Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors.”

In addition to sharing her support for the LGBT community, Cyrus took time to reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I just want to say after this last year and a half, I think we can all use some good, ol’ entertaining escapism,” pointed out Miley. “And I’m just happy and honored to be the one to to serve an hour of flamboyant fantasy, honey!”

But while Cyrus expressed her joy at seeing the end of the lockdown, the songstress also took time to point out the parallels between the LGBTQ community and the struggles many faced amid the pandemic.

Miley Cyrus Compares Pandemic Struggles to LGBTQ Community Struggles

“The LGBTQ+ community that we’re here to celebrate and honor is constantly experiencing the struggles that some of us had only had to face due to COVID-19, such as isolation, being distanced or removed from our families, or feeling a loss of freedom in lockdown,” noted Miley.

And while the pandemic may end or become less of a threat, Cyrus contended that the challenges experienced by the LGBT community continue.

“Hate and justice and inequality is a global pandemic all on its own. This community and the rights of individuals a part of it are at risk,” added Miley. “Lockdown does not have to be physical. What about when you are not able to move freely as your expressive self because of violence or judgment?”

Ultimately, Cyrus sought to end on a positive note. She pointed to achievements such as legalization of gay marriage and growing numbers of lawmakers and athletes identifying as members of the LGBTQ community.

“This is a celebration,” asserted Miley. “We are seeing our community represented more and more in all of its beautiful diversity in culture, politics and leadership.”

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