Dolly Parton Credits Her ‘Dumb Country Girl’ Reputation For SAVING Her Career!

Dolly Parton recently has shared glimpses into her personal life with her legendarily loyal country music fans. 

And as Parton’s followers know, their adored Dolly is a VERY smart woman! From her growing entertainment enterprise, Dollywood to her successful albums, this country music songstress seems to have the Midas touch.

But despite her golden track record, Parton also ranks as one of country’s most humble singers. As a result of that humility, Dolly credits her reputation as just another “dumb country girl” for her career.

Find out what she said about her unique brand below.

Dolly Parton: ‘I’m Just A Dumb Country Girl!’

In the past few years, the country music field has become increasingly crowded with contenders. And while some have managed to climb their way to the top and stay there, others remain on the bottom rung of the country career ladder.

What does it take to get to the top and stay there? Each successful country music star has found a different path. 

For example, Blake Shelton furthered his country career by serving as a coach on “The Voice.”

And in a similar way, Luke Bryan shined up his singing star when he took the risk of judging “American Idol.” 

But Dolly Parton didn’t opt for a TV show to become a country music legend, Instead, Parton claims that she used her reputation as a “dumb country girl” to build a path to stardom!

Country Music Legend Dolly Parton Shares Her Recipe for Success

Looking at her past, Dolly feels she succeeded in talking to country music’s movers and shakers because of her reputation. 

“I could get in to talk with people easier because I was a girl and at that time they probably thought I was just a dumb country girl that wouldn’t know what was going on and wouldn’t suspect anything,” admitted Parton.

As a result of that reputation, Dolly contends that people underestimate her.

“Because I was aware of things, because I had been all my life. I have an understanding of life and people,” pointed out the country music songstress.

And while Parton doesn’t claim to have ESP, she does believe that she can “read what people think.”

Now, of course, anyone who undervalued Dolly when she began her career probably wishes they had appreciated her! 

Dolly Gets Real About Rumors That She Cheated On Husband!

Parton has faced repeated rumors about her private life. For example, Dolly often sees allegations in the gossip magazines that she has cheated on her husband Carl Dean. And those aren’t the only rumors she disputes.

“But now I have a lot of things told on me against my morals which are not true,” claimed Parton. “I’m no angel, but if I’d done half the things I’ve been accused of I wouldn’t be sitting here, I’d be wore out somewhere—I’d be dead.”

Why do those cheating rumors repeatedly resurface? The country music songstress pointed out that she has many friends who are men. And while those friendships are completely platonic, rumors still swirl. 

“Some of my very best friends are men because women—I like women cause I am one, my mother was one—but like if I have something to say, I don’t know that many women that would understand what I’m talking about businesswise or understand my ideas,” said Dolly. 

As a result, Parton has become cautious about appearing in public with a man other than her husband.

“So I might want to go somewhere and eat supper with a man friend,” admitted Dolly. “But I don’t very often. Cause if they see you with somebody—it has to be bad. A woman just don’t go out with a married man unless there’s something going on. It kinda irks me really to think that people are so narrow minded.”

In addition to that “dumb” reputation, Parton credits her success to “good common sense.” She modestly denies that she is “all that smart.” 

However, added Dolly, “I think I got good common sense,” she said. “It’s something born in me and something I was brought up with, and when I come to Nashville people accepted me pretty well.”

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