Taylor Swift Blends Country With Folk Music In Surprise Reunion Album

Taylor Swift fans, known as “Swifties,” have learned to expect the unexpected from their country music queen.

But even Taylor’s most loyal Swifties may not have anticipated her newest creation!

As a result, the reunion album just released offers one of the best music industry surprises thus far in 2021.

Find out below which group Swift chose for the new reunion album. Plus: Don’t miss the buzz over a possible new single to drop soon!

Taylor Swift Delights Both Country And Folk Music Fans In Album

Country music singers have developed a pattern of beginning with the purest of country tones. Following success in that category, some musical artists then meld country with other genres.

For example, Jennifer Nettles, famed for the country music group Sugarland, recently experimented with Christian country, as seen in the viral “Misbehavin'” video. Now Nettles has accomplished the unexpected by expanding into musical theater blended with country.

And just like Jennifer, Taylor Swift has taken the risk of experimenting with country and another genre. For her, that second category focuses on folk.

Now the band Big Red Machine has given Swift a new opportunity to flex her folk musical muscles!

Big Red Machine consists of the collaborators from Taylor’s creations “Folklore” and “Evermore.” As a result of that collaboration, many Swifties got hopeful at the news that Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon had unveiled their second studio album.

And the band fulfilled that hope with a new announcement. Taylor has taken on a guest star role in the album, fittingly titled “How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last?”!

Big Red Machine Band Brings On Taylor For Two Tracks On New Album: Twitter Plays YouTube Video Detective!

Swift’s two tracks in the new album, set for release on August 27, are titled “Birch” and “Renegade,” per MTV.

Fans on Twitter responded eagerly to the announcement, tweeted from Big Red Machine. The band also shared YouTube videos in its Twitter feed as well as lyrics from the keynote song on the album.

Dessner and Swift have a long history together. In addition to teaming up with her album producer and song co-writer, Taylor used several tracks that were originally Big Red Machine tunes.

And now Twitter fans of the country music songstress can’t stop obsessing over the teaser trailers shared for the album.

Here’s what Taylor Swift fans have figured out:

  • The country music songstress begins in one trailer facing away from the camera. But Taylor quickly turns around to show a glimpse of herself.
  • Another trailer highlighted Taylor’s face, with a clip showing her writing in a notebook.
  • On her own Instagram story, Swift introduced a countdown to the album and a promo photo.

As a result of all these clues, some fans believe that at least one collaboration track starring Taylor will drop this Friday. But others shared a different message.

“To all Swifties, let us not make this project all about taylor, everyone deserves the support,” urged one fan.

That didn’t stop the predictions, though.

“The intro sounds like long story short in Instagram story, so this will be featured with Taylor. I’m ready for it!!” gushed another Swiftie.

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