Taylor Swift Evermore Lawsuit Update

Taylor Swift and Evermore park have decided to drop their respective lawsuits. This was decided after a legal battle over the name “Evermore”, both parties have decided to drop and dismiss their respective lawsuits without monetary settlement.

The Evermore Lawsuit

Utah theme park named Evermore filed a law suit against Taylor Swift. The theme park, in documents submitted to the court, claims the singer’s latest album has breached its trademark by using the same name, Evermore.

It was said by the theme park owners that the release of Taylor Swift’s new album Evermore has caused confusion as to whether the theme park is linked to the album. Actually, the theme park owners claimed in court documents that there was a “dramatic departure from typical levels” of traffic on its website the week after the album’s release.

Taylor Swift’s Response

In a statement to E! News, Taylor Swift’s team responded to the lawsuit on the 4th of February. The singer’s spokesperson said that the fact that such claims were coming from the Ken Bretschneider, CEO and founder of such an experience park was frivolous.

The spokesperson further said that the intent of such lawsuit was obvious, seeing that the theme park was reportedly facing series of lawsuits, debts and liens. “We are honest people who pay our bills but we were placed into a deep financial hole, which we are working diligently to climb out of”.

Taylor Swift’s legal team has also responded to the assertion through a letter to the court stating that the theme park has indeed not suffered any loss and the Evermore album release, in fact, creates a marketing opportunity for the theme park.

TAS Rights Management, who is in charge of Taylor Swift’s trademark and music rights, has filed a countersuit against the theme park stating that the Utah property used three of the singer’s songs without proper licenses. The songs include, “Love Story”, “You Belong with Me” and “Bad Blood”.

The court documents stated that BMI has repeatedly informed the theme park of both the copyrighted nature of the songs and the unlawful nature of their use in public performances at the theme park through calls, emails, letters and draft license agreements since 2019. It went further to state how the theme park owners have ignored these messages and continued with the use of this songs without proper authorization.  TAS Rights Management hoped to recover damages and prevent the theme park from continuous breach.

Evermore Theme Park

Evermore park describes itself on its website as an experience park that allows guests of all ages to escape to the fantasy village of Evermore. The theme park states on its website how guests can interact with characters, go on quests, saying “the village of Evermore is a growing entity with changing themes, buildings, citizens and quests.

The Evermore Album

Taylor Swift’s album, Evermore, was a surprise album released on the 11th of December last year and it is the singer’s second body of music that was filmed during the quarantine. The Grammy Winner announced the release of the new album she calls a sister album on her Instagram page on the 10th of December, 2020.

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