Trisha Yearwood Guest Stars on Mitch Rossell’s Emotional New Song, ‘Ran into You’

It wasn’t a whole lot of time in the past that Mitch Rossell covered one of Trisha Yearwood’s most famous songs, which also happens to be her debut single, She’s in Love With The Boy. I wonder if he knows that he’ll someday be doing a song with the legendary country singer, Trisha Yearwood, or as Garth Brooks often calls her, “The Queen.”

Getting to Record with Trisha Yearwood

The song Ran Into You was written by Mitch Rossell, and he is so glad that Trisha Freaking Yearwood got to sing harmony with him on this song; his words, not mine. He kindly asked his fans, probably in the most adorable way ever, to help him make the song a hit. And I think he did so on ‘moving day?’

He also posted a short video of Trisha Yearwood and himself singing together the chorus of his song a day before the song premiered on his YouTube channel. Their voice really blended in the video, and they were both happy to be singing together.

Rossell shared on his socials a message about getting to perform with Yearwood, “Creating new music is always amazing, but when you get to do it with your incredibly talented friend, it becomes really special.”

“I ran like hell to nowhere fast / From myself, from my past, from my hometown and everyone I ever knew / I ran from God when He got too close, I ran from love and the hearts I broke / And from all the wreckage I left in my rearview,” he sings in the chorus with Yearwood accompanying him in the song.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Rossell discussed how he first knew he needed Yearwood to work on the track with him, “When we cut ‘Ran Into You’ I knew there was something special about it. The chorus melody lends itself to a really cool and distinct harmony part and I knew if I could just get Trisha’s voice on it, it would take it over the top.”

After he got Trisha on the track, he said he kept telling his mixing engineer, whose name is Luke, to turn her voice up more. “I couldn’t get enough of the ‘it’ that she brought to this track.”

“I still can’t believe she graced my song with her talent,” Rossell continues, “This one is gonna be damn hard to top.”

It’s not that hard to believe he’d be excited to perform with Trisha Yearwood, I mean it is THE Trisha Yearwood. But it seems that the enthusiasm and gratefulness is shared by both musicians, as Yearwood, 56, commented “I’ve been a Mitch Rossell fan since the first time I heard his voice… I think it was the song ‘Ask Me How I Know,’ which he wrote and [her iconic husband] Garth [Brooks] recorded.”

“I’ve been waiting patiently for him to ask me to sing on one of his record, ha! He finally did,” the Grammy award singer added. “I absolutely love ‘Ran Into You.’ It was a joy to sing with Mitch and I can’t get the song out of my head. That’s a good sign!”

Past History

During the 2017 CMA awards, Rossell got a chance to perform with Brooks, 59. Brooks was immediately taken by the young country crooner and said, “He’s just a guy who moved here [to Nashville] on a dream. He is every songwriter’s dream. You come here with nothing and hope that this will happen. And good for him. He deserves it.”

Rossell was of course grateful that Brooks was willing to work with a name that hasn’t yet established itself in the music industry and said, “He has given me a platform that I would venture to say no other artist in history has given another artist.”

He continued, telling PEOPLE at the time, “Even coming out of my mouth, it doesn’t seem like it could be real… Whether or not this whole thing takes off and I have a chance to have an artist or songwriter career, I will still call Garth Brooks my friend and one of the greatest people I’ve ever met, if not the greatest. That’s the bigger picture for me.”

Rossell’s newest single, Ran Into You, will be available everywhere on 30th April.

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