Twitter Wants Taylor Swift To Take Country Music Hiatus, Star In New Movie! [Video]

Taylor Swift recently returned to her country music roots with a remake of her album, “Fearless.” But now Twitter wants this country music songstress to take a break from music.

What’s up with that? Taylor’s Twitter followers got excited over reports that Swift just might star in a new movie with some legendary actors and actresses.

For those who forgot, Taylor has starred before in a movie. She famously took on a role in the film musical “Cats.”

However, the film didn’t exactly get rave reviews. Those who recall that experience wonder: Will Swift be more cautious about moving from country music to movies this time around? And will the songstress really stop singing to show off her acting skills?

We have so many questions… and we found some answers that we’re sharing below! Plus: Don’t miss the video of her talents in “Cats” below!

Twitter Has A Message For Country Music Singer Taylor Swift: Act!

Taylor Swift’s Twitter followers famously support their country music queen. But as reports of a new movie offering an opportunity for Taylor trended on the social media platform, those same fans appear in agreement on one issue.

They want Swift to take the challenge of setting aside her country music focus to try film again! The rumors of this opportunity stem from a report on Showbiz 411.

The report claims that a new David O. Russell film, tentatively named “Canterbury Glass,” will star “Christian Bale, John David Washington, Margot Robbie, Alessandro Nivola, Rami Malek, Anna Taylor-Joy, Michael Shannon, and Zoe Saldana, as well as Mike Myers, Chris Rock and Robert De Niro.”

Described as a “period piece” that takes place in the Depression, the movie reportedly offers an opportunity for Taylor. Swift got an immediate response from Twitter at the news.

T-Swift Trends With Margot Robbie And Anna Taylor-Joy: Here’s Why

Twitter has celebrated the “Me Too” era where women deserve and receive equality in the entertainment industry. As a result, Taylor’s fans seized on the mention of her name together with actresses Margot Robbie and Anna Taylor-Joy in the potential film and cheered.

“taylor swift, margot robbie and anya taylor-joy in the same movie? yeah, i agree,” wrote one Twitter fan in a post that got lots of “likes” and re-tweets.

And Twitter accounts devoted to Taylor Swift spread the potential news of a movie for their heroine as well.

The Swift Society emphasized the reports that Taylor “could be in David O. Russell’s upcoming film” to the group’s followers. Note that despite the star-studded cast list, the Twitter account focused on Taylor!

What else do we know? 21st Century probably will release the film in 2022 or even later. The movie will mark Russell’s return to films after “Joy.” Emmanuel Lubezki currently is slated to provide the cinematography.

Did You Miss Seeing Taylor In The Movie ‘Cats’? Watch Below! [Video]

And now, for those who didn’t catch “Cats” and wonder if Taylor Swift actually can act as well as sing… watch her appearance in the movie below!

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