Clay Walker New Album: Texas To Tennessee Tracklist & Release Date

Clay Walker, whose 1993 debut single “What’s It to You” reached number one on Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart recently announced the release details for his upcoming 12th studio album.

The platinum-certified country music hitmaker has officially announced that his latest project, “Texas to Tennessee” will be dropping on July 30 via Show Dog Nashville.

Clay Walker’s New Album Release Details

The album was recorded in studios located in both Nashville Tennessee and Galveston Texas. According to a press release, the album will see Walker trying to balance his traditional style of country music with the type of music that is in demand during this time.

Clay Walker’s coming album’s lead single “Need a Bar Sometimes” was written with the help of Jaron Caleb Boyer, Josh Mirenda, and George Birge. The track was produced by Jason Aldean’s producer, Michael Knox, and Jaron Boyer.

The new Clay Walker track naturally blended old country sounds with modern country music to give that sense of nostalgic familiarity with the song’s production. The lead single is about how important a bar is to someone’s life; whether you want to drown something sorrowful, meet a friend, enjoy a good time, or anything else. “We all need a bar sometimes,” the country crooner sang repeatedly on the track.

The album will be a 10-song collection and Clay Walker is credited as a co-writer on all the tracks. The country singer has scored four platinum albums since his debut, and has charted 31 singles and 6 number 1 hits that include, “What’s It to You”, “Live Until I Die”, “Dreaming with My Eyes Open” and others.

Clay Walker worked on the album with other songwriters like Brandon Kinney, Shane Minor, David Lee Murphy and more.

Clay Walker & Tracy Lawrence Concerts

During a press release, Clay Walker praised the songwriters who contributed to the album, calling them “accomplished”, and saying that they “came in with ideas they thought fit me or developed ideas I brought, and it led to real cohesiveness in all these songs.”

To promote the album, Walker is also set to team up with Tracy Lawrence for 4 concerts that will run from May 20-23.

Song List of Clay Walker’s Texas to Tennessee
1. “Anything to Do With You” (Clay Walker, Brandon Kinney, Shane Minor, Mike Mobley)
2. “Need a Bar Sometimes” (Walker, Jaron Boyer, Josh Mirenda, George Birge)
3. “Catching Up With an Ol’ Memory” (Walker, Boyer, Birge, Lalo Guzman)
4. “Country Side” (Walker, Boyer, Lynn Wilbanks)
5. “Cowboy Loves a Woman” (Walker, Jennifer Hanson, Mark Nesler)
6. “Texas to Tennessee” (Walker, Hanson, Nesler)
7. “I Just Wanna Hold You” (Walker, Boyer, Ben Stennis)
8. “Loving You Then” (Walker, Jaron Boyer, Brad Rempel, Stennis)
9. “You Look Good” (Walker, Boyer, Michael Tyler)
10. “One More” (Walker, David Lee Murphy, Justin Weaver)

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