Who Is Alan Jackson’s Wife Denise?

Who is Alan Jackson’s wife Denise? Country music superstar, Alan Jackson, first came across Denise, who happens to also go by the maiden name of Jackson, when they were teenagers, in a rather outrageous manner.

Alan put a coin down her blouse and then boldly asked her if he could fetch it from under her blouse. During an interview with Great American Country magazine, Denise revealed that Alan didn’t get the reward he expected from his bold move, so he had to try another strategy to get her to notice him.

In another bold move, Alan Jackson hid at the back of Denise’s van while it was parked at a grocery store, and scared her by jumping out of her van as she was driving off. This time, Alan got Denise’s attention. Want to know more about Denise Jackson? Read on to find out.

1978-1979: Courtship, Marriage And A Recording Deal

After dating for some months, Alan Jackson and wife Denise got engaged on the 24th of December, 1978. A year later, on the 15th of December, 1979, Alan got married to Denise in their hometown of Newman, Georgia, at the local Baptist Church.

The couple recently celebrated 41 years of marriage with Alan sharing a lovely couple picture on Instagram.

Alan Jackson, who was born on the 17th of October 1958, is now 62 years old while his wife, Denise Jackson is a year younger at 61 years, having been born on January 7th, 1960.

Denise Jackson was instrumental in Alan getting a recording deal for the first time, as she talked about his musical talent to Glen Campbell, also known as “Rhinestone Cowboy” when she was working as a flight hostess. Interested in knowing more about Alan, the musical icon became his mentor, and eventually helped in getting him a deal with the recording label, Arista Records.

Life As A Married Couple

Denise and Alan have three lovely daughters- Dani, Alexandra, and Mattie. In 1998, the couple separated for a few months, as they worked on marriage issues that pertained to Alan’s extramarital affairs and his life as a musical star.

In an interview with an online publication, Alan Jackson revealed that falling in love at a young age made it difficult for them to cope with the pressure of staying committed to a relationship. Denise corroborated Alan’s words, by adding that it took them a while to learn that the secret to a blissful marriage was spending time with each other.

You can get to know more about Denise’s marriage to the country music superstar by getting her New York Times bestselling book, All About Him: Finding the Love of My Life. In the book, Alan Jackson’s wife Denise reveals the several challenges they faced in their marriage, and how her faith as a Christian helped her work on them with Alan.

Wife Denise is behind Alan’s white cowboy hat signature look, as revealed by Alan in an interview with the magazine, Parade.

In 2010, Denise was diagnosed with colon cancer but is presently free after intensive treatment.

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