Miranda Lambert Teases New Pistol Annies Music

Miranda Lambert is hinting new Pistol Annies music is on the way.  Ashley Monroe, who is a part of Pistol Annies, released her fifth solo studio album – Rosegold. She took a different direction this time around from her usual distinctively country music, and her best friend, Miranda Lambert took to Instagram to congratulate her on the release day.

When country music superstar Lambert shared an Instagram post with congratulatory messages to her friend and Pistol Annies bandmate on the new album, a fan commented on the post, asking when Pistol Annies will return.

Miranda Lambert’s Plans For the Year

Miranda Lambert who plans to release her collaborative album with Jack Ingram and Jon Randall, The Marfa Tapes, on May 7, 2021, gave a quick response to the fan, saying, “We’ve got something up our sleeve.” Agreeing to Miranda’s comment, Monroe affirmed with a fire emoji in the comment section.

Though nothing has been officially announced yet. However, Ashley Monroe concurred in the thread. So, from all indications, the undertone signs from these outstanding singers, point to some sort of song, or even album, potentially coming out very soon this year. In fact, just the mere thought that these three are cooking up something is exciting for fans and country music lovers.

Who Are Pistol Annies

The trio’s most recent album, Interstate Gospel was released in 2018 and spearheaded by the track “Got My Name Changed Back.”

Lambert, Monroe, and Presley made their debut performance in 2011 at the Academy of Country Music’s Girls’ Night Out: Superstar Women of Country.

The same year, Pistol Annie released their debut project Hell on Heels and followed it in 2013 with the album Annie Up. Also in 2013, they collaborated with Blake Shelton’s chart-topping hit, “Boys ’Round Here.” In 2019, they joined Lambert’s Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars tour.

How the Trio Met

Ashley Monroe and Miranda amongst the trio first met and started singing together. As time went on, they convinced Angaleena Presley to get in the mix with them.

When Miranda Lambert spoke during an interview with CMT, she said “I would say the first female artist to change my life is Ashley because she and I became best friends right off the bat when we realized what each other were about, and we were just kindred spirits. She’s how I met Angaleena. So, this band is so important to me and for female music and perspective.”

The three Singers have since grown in the music industry as individuals and as a team.
Although these three are solo artists, they’ve grown up a lot since their last record. All three of them have had so many life changes for the past five years. For Miranda, she split from her ex-husband Blake Shelton in 2013. Ashley and husband John Danks welcomed a son last year, and Angaleena Presley is currently expecting with her husband Jordan Powell.

New Pistol Annies Music Coming Soon?

So far, if what Miranda has dished out from The Marfa Tapes is any indication of her headspace and creativity at this point in her career, we don’t see how whatever The Annie’s have “up their sleeve” would be anything short of incredible.

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