Blake Shelton Drops Gwen Stefani Rebound Romance Bombshell After Miranda Lambert Divorce!

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert seemed destined to reign as the king and queen of country music forever. The spouses appeared together on award shows, smiled at each other on the red carpet, and looked like an ad for the “happily ever after” benefits of marriage. 

But then something behind the scenes went very wrong. Blake and Miranda shocked their followers and the country music community when the couple suddenly announced their divorce. 

As a result, some predicted Shelton would switch into forever-single mode. Wrong. 

Enter Gwen Stefani, a pop rock singer who went through her own recent divorce. Gwen and Blake began with a flirty friendship on “The Voice.” From there, the two gradually went public with their romance.

Now Shelton has dropped a bombshell about that romance even as the recently engaged couple plan their wedding! Find out the SHOCKER below. 

Blake Shelton Said WHAT About His Romance With Gwen Stefani?!

Memo to Blake: Repeatedly describing your romance with your now-fiancee as a “rebound” might not get classified as tactful. Ahem. 

Shelton recently gave two separate interviews, one to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 and one to Sunday’s Today show with Willie Geist.

And in both interviews, Blake revealed, well, ALL his insecurities about his romance with Gwen! The country music king claimed he felt convinced that his relationship qualified only as a “rebound.” (Cover your ears, Gwen!)

Shelton had only recently wrapped up his divorce to Miranda Lambert when he began flirting with Stefani. And Gwen herself was still recovering from her own split with now-ex-husband Gavin Rossdale.

Describing their initial romance, Blake remembered feeling that both he and Gwen were taking advantage of their shared painful pasts to recover and move on. He also insisted that Stefani felt the same way. 

“I remember at that time we were just starting to see each other and we were both going through horrible breakups, divorces, horrible in that it was just sad,” recalled Shelton.

“And there were times where Gwen and I would be like, ‘Are we rebounding here? Is that what we’re doing together? Because this makes no sense.'”

As a result, Blake admitted to repeatedly having conversations with Stefani about the rebound factor. 

“We would always have these conversations like, ‘Oh yeah, we’re just getting over our cr*p with each other,'” confessed Shelton.

Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton: Definitely ‘Rebound Deal’?!

Blake also opened up about exactly how he felt after he and Miranda Lambert decided to divorce.

The 42-year-old country singer recalled hitting “rock bottom.” But while he felt “devastated,” Shelton soon learned he was not alone in those emotions.

Gwen Stefani, 48, felt the same way about the end of her own marriage. Looking back, Shelton calls their meeting a “miracle.”

But he still insists that both he and Gwen had serious doubts.

“If Gwen and I were being honest right now, talking about this, I think in the back of our minds we both kind of thought, ‘This is a rebound deal,'” added Blake.

Gwen Stefani More Hopeful Than Blake About Future?

Meanwhile, while Shelton speaks his truth, Stefani still soars with happiness in prepping for wedding day. Some wonder if Blake feels more pessimistic than his future wife. 

Shelton keeps recalling how both he and Gwen came together “out of a pretty low spot in our lives.” And at the beginning of their romance, they were “kind of clinging to each other to get through this.”

Now, however, three years later, Blake gradually has become somewhat more optimistic.

“Every day that goes by it just feels like a stronger bond between the two of us and it constantly feels like it’s going to the next level,” added Shelton. 

We hope their future holds a wonderful wedding day and fabulous future! Be sure to check back on our site for ALL your updates about Blake Shelton. 

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