Chase Bryant New Song: ‘High, Drunk, and Heartbroke’

Chase Bryant’s new song ‘High, Drunk, and Heartbroke’ is very personal for the country music singer.  After a very rough time in Chase Bryant’s life, he’s decided to make a song about all those dark thoughts and dark feelings that weighed him down so that he can, hopefully, move on from it.

In an interview with PEOPLE, he talked about his newest single, saying that he felt that the “weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders and every day I feel more free.” Chase Bryant has gone through a really rough and disturbing time, even attempting to end his life at one time.

‘High, Drunk, and Heartbroke’

Months after living through his 2018 suicide attempt, he found himself at the bar of the iconic Sportmen’s Lodge in Los Angeles, listening to music by Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson and looking for hope at the bottom of his glass that he fills with way too much booze.

Everything he did was in an effort to push away the pain and the weight of the loneliness that plagued him. “I sat on the foot of my bed and this hook just all of a sudden appeared,” Bryant, 28, said of the song’s hook that would eventually turn into his latest release High, Drunk and Heartbroke. “I wasn’t pondering it or anything. It just happened.”

Once he’d gotten started, he was done within twenty minutes, and he wrote the song to convey all those years of pain he’d endured.

“It’s not just a song,” he says of the country waltz he ended up finishing with co-writers Stephen Wilson Jr. and Dave Pittenger. “It’s my story.”

Chase Bryant  cautions that the song is not to be taken too literally, because while it is true that at the time of its writing, Bryant was dealing with his failed engagement to former fiancée Kourtney Keller, the song isn’t just about a girl.

“It’s not really about that,” Bryant explained, “There is a lot of things I was thinking about when, for instance, I wrote the words ‘since you left me.’ There was just so much going on in my life. When you are in a place that low, you don’t forget it.”

Chase Bryant on his Upcoming Debut Album

Chase Bryant worked on 10 of the album’s 12 tracks and the songs are meant to be as vulnerable and emotional as its lead single. He went into the studio with producer Jon Randall, drummer J.J. Johnson and guitarist Charlie Sexton in order to create his first full-length album. (His 2014 self-titled collection was an EP.)

Speaking on the High, Drunk, and Heartbroke production he said that they recorded the track 100% live, with the only overdubs being his background vocals and “me playing the organ. We knew we had the right track when I could feel the aggression come out. It was all coming from a good place now, but the emotion had to come out in order to put it all behind me.”

After his suicide attempt, Chase Bryant  was entered into the Rolling Hills Hospital, a psychiatric and substance abuse treatment center located in Franklin, Tennessee.

But these days, he doesn’t feel that much lonely now that he’s found love anew in his new girlfriend and finds support from friends and family who are there for him as he works toward the goal of mental recovery.

Chase Bryant eager to return to country music in a big way with an album that’s filled with songs that explained the pain of his past reality, but now, there is a renewed sense of hope that he’s doing something worthwhile.

He announced his upcoming project on his social media channels, “It’s been 3 years coming. Can’t wait to share my #Upbringing! My DEBUT full length album recorded with some of my heroes in Austin, Texas. Out July 16th.”

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