How Many Kids Does Chris Stapleton Have?

How many kids does Chris Stapleton have?  Chris Stapleton has done a great job of shielding the press from his kids and prying into matters concerning his married life. Alongside this loving wife of many years, Morgane, they have worked hard at protecting their five kids from the public space.

It was only at the red carpet premiere for the 2019 movie, Toy Story 4, that the media got to know the names of the first two kids of the Stapletons. The first two kids Waylon and Ada, who followed their dad to the movie’s premiere. The couple is also blessed with lovely twin boys, Macon and Samuel.

The youngest of the Stapleton kids is their son who was born in May 2019, days before the celebration of Mother’s Day.

Chris Stapleton And Parenting During Coronavirus Lockdown

The global coronavirus pandemic brought so many things to a standstill, especially during the lockdown measures, Chris Stapleton couldn’t go on tours as usual. However, he revealed during an interview with his record label, UMG Nashville, that it was a good thing as he got to spend more quality time with his kids as a result.

Chris Stapleton added that though he missed the exciting life as a musician on tour, he was grateful for the time it has allowed for him to get to know his kids more as a father, especially his daughters aged 12 and 10, and hoped that things got back to normal soon.

He revealed that he got to relive his excitement as a dad all over again during the lockdown, as his sons called him “Daddy” before he opened their bedroom door in the mornings. He says he was going to miss that feeling when life as a touring performer resumes.

The Stapleton Kids And Life On Tour

Chris and Morgane Stapleton should be given credit for keeping their five kids out of the spotlight. For the Stapleton clan, family trumps every other achievement in life. In an interview with Kix Brooks in 2018, the country music star revealed that his entourage during tours has always comprised of family, which has made touring an exciting experience.

According to him, with Morgane, the kids, and his mother in tow, life on your has never been better. He disclosed that he even takes his bandmates, Drummer Mixon, and bass guitarist, J.T., as extended members of his family.

For him, he has always taken a family approach to tour life. It must make for joyful family life during musical tours, as all age brackets are ably represented during travels in the confined space of a tour bus. Caring for five kids must be a handful for Chris and Morgane during tours.

Chris Stapleton is about to go on tours to several cities in the coming months across the United States, where he is scheduled to perform before crowds in compliance with the coronavirus safety protocols.

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