How Many Kids Does Trisha Yearwood Have?

How many kids does Trisha Yearwood have?  Trisha Yearwood was born Patricia Lynn Yearwood on September 19, 1964, and she is also Mrs. Garth Brooks! Do Tricia and Garth have any kids together? It’s a question many fans have wondered about given the success and popularity of this country music duo. Keep reading to find out exactly how many kids the couple has.

Trisha Yearwood’s Kids

Garth Brooks is a father to three beautiful girls, Taylor, August, and Allie. The girls are the product of Garth’s first marriage to Sandy Mahl.

Garth and Sandy got married in 1986 and divorced many years later. Garth made sure to be a hands on dad and he took a break from his hot career in order to be a proper fatherly presence to his kids.

The “Friends in Low Places” singer stated at the time that he would return to the stage when his youngest girl went off to college.

In 2014, Allie, the youngest of Garth’s girls, graduated from high school, and true to his word Garth Brooks made his much-awaited return to the world of music.

Trisha Yearwood And Garth Brooks’ Family

After The Friends on Low Places singer and his wife divorced Garth found love with fellow country superstar Trisha Yearwood.

Trisha and Garth were married in 2005. They have been happily married ever since and have delighted fans with duets. Trisha was previously married to Chris Latham and Robert Reynolds and did not have children with either.

Trisha debuted with her 1991 self-titled album which contained her debut single “She’s in Love with the Boy.” The tune hit number one on the Billboard country singles chart and the album sold over two million copies.

She is obviously a country legend in her own right and in the 90’s her country hits included “Walkaway Joe” (1992), “The Song Remembers When” (1993), “XXX’s and OOO’s (An American Girl)” (1994), and “Believe Me Baby (I Lied)” (1996).


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Garth Brooks Talks Stepmom Trisha Yearwood

The answer to the question ‘how many kids does Trisha Yearwood have?’ is that she is the proud mom of three grown women, the children of her husband Garth Brooks. She became  stepmom to Allie Colleen, August Anna, and Taylor Mayne Pearl, who were between the ages of 4 and 8 at the time.

Garth once said, “It was good, [she] helped me out a lot. She didn’t have children either. So we were kind of blind leading the blind.”

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