JoLivi Releases New “She Won’t Say Yes” Video

JoLivi, rising country star, and former CMT Next Up Now artist grapples with the reality of forever losing a former lover that could have been hers when she left to chase the lights and her dreams. She wrote the song She Won’t Say Yes along with Brian Maher and Skip Black, and a month after the song was released, she released a music video that matches with the tone of the song.

JoLivi Music: Behind The Song She Won’t Say Yes

In an interview with American Songwriter, the new country singer explains that the song is all about that feeling you get when you “leave behind your life and home to live out your passion only to come back and your first love has moved on and someone else has taken your place. Selfishly, you hope he’ll say no or she won’t say yes.”

JoLivi penned the song with Brian Maher (the guy behind a few Taylor Swift and Justin Moore songs) and Ski Black (who has worked with Jana Kramer and Tyler Farr). The song’s production is country, but it had pop elements in it, and it was medium tempo. It had scant elements in the production in order to allow listeners to focus on her emotional lyrics. The song was further highlighted by her melodious voice and the little touches of background vocals that complemented her main vocals.

JoLivi’s song “She Won’t Say Yes” is about an ex that’s about to wed someone, and she’s hoping he’ll “just say no or she won’t say yes,” when “the preacher man says for worst or best.”

She’s originally from Oahu, Hawaii, and JoLivi first launched her career with her 2017 songs Take a Shot and Crooked Crown. In the coming years, she has managed to release a 3-song EP, titled Raw, and a few other singles, including 2020’s Ghost of You.

Making of JoLivi “She Won’t Say Yes” Video And Its Significance

JoLivi talked to CMT about the making of the video, with Hunter Franklin directing it, and its significance to her life. The video saw her in a scarcely furnished apartment sitting on the couch, in an open field with leafless trees dressed in all black, looking out the window, or walking down the street with a church in view behind her.

In relation to shooting the video, she said it was so easy to shoot and that it felt like some heavy past experience was being lifted off of her shoulders.

JoLivi also acknowledged that the video felt a little more personal to her than others that she’s done. “I had to be more vulnerable and be in the moment with the song, which at times I didn’t really enjoy reliving (if you know what I mean, lol). It’s almost as if after filming this particular song I left all the leftover feelings in the video and was able to move on completely.”

JoLivi rounded up by saying that she cried when she got to watch the “She Won’t Say Yes” video for the first time.  Keep checking Country Music Lane for more country music news and JoLivi updates.

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