Jordan Rowe Reveals Real Meaning Behind “More Me” Song

Jordan Rowe is not here to play, he’s had his eyes set on music from a tender age and is willing to go the mile to become a household name.

The small town artist has put in the hours: traveling to Nashville to get a chance to work with big artists, performing and networking with upcoming artists, selling merchandise and even interning at record labels just to get his foot into the door. As he continued working to climb higher, the country singer did not stop writing and recording his own songs.

Within a year, Jordan Rowe was able to build a loyal fanbase and even snatch a contract with River House Artists.

The Singer on What “More Me” and Music Means to Him

The country artist’s latest single “More Me” showcases a more traditional country sound with modern sounds adding to the song’s feel. Jordan Rowe’s thick country accent sings the song which tells the story of a man who is comfortable with the people and places that made him the man he is.

“More Me is a special song to me because it’s the first one I’m releasing under River House that I didn’t write. I think that speaks for the song in itself,” shares Rowe. “I usually write 3-5 songs a week, but I heard “More Me” and felt like exactly what I wanted to say as an artist. It fits me perfectly and I’m thankful to Cole, Randy, and Corey for letting me have it.”

The potential hit song was written by hitmakers Cole Taylor, Randy Montana, and Corey Crowder and was produced by award-winning producer Derek Well — who has also worked with other artists such as Granger Smith, Scotty McCreery and Maddie & Tae.

The mid-tempo song sees Jordan Rowe, 24, singing the lyrics: “I’m a little more me than I was back then…/ I’m a little more me when I’m loving on you/ Like it’s what this boy was born to do/ Little more what I am – little less what I ain’t/ Try to think of somewhere better but I can’t.”
The song is about appreciating all the people in your life, with Rowe singing about the things that make him more “him”, but in the chorus, Rowe specifically sings about how he becomes himself when he’s loving his partner.

“Everything in the song feels like it’s about me. It’s like I wrote it,” the rising country star further said.

The song was originally scheduled for a 2020 release, but was pushed back because of the pandemic. The song was shelved for more than a year, becoming released this Friday, April 23, and it follows his single “Up to Something Country” which dropped in early January.

“I heard that song two years ago, and it just really hit me,” Rowe recalled. “I knew it was a hit, and I assumed someone would cut it, but nobody ever did. And I was like, ‘What are y’all doing? Can I have that song?’ And they gave it to me.”

The song is genuine and tells its story in a down-to-earth manner, which mirrors Rowe’s upbringing.

“I grew up in a small town in Georgia called Adel that had six red lights,” Rowe, who officially made the move to Nashville in 2019, explained. “I mean, we just got a Walmart a few years ago. But really, it was great. I lived there my whole life in the same house and my parents always had the same job and it was just a real tight-knit community that I was able to build the foundation of my life on.”

Jordan Rowe Talks Upcoming Double Pack Ep

“I’m excited about it! Each will have four songs and we’ve got all eight recorded already,” says Rowe. “We will probably put one out in June, and then one in August I think. We are going to have some features on there, which will be really cool on some of those songs. Some of the artists that I have grown up listening to, are going to get on there and sing with me. Some of my newer friends and younger artists as well.”

Speaking on the release of “More Me”, Rowe revealed that he’s excited and nervous about its release.

“I used to always get nervous before music releases. So, I am a little nervous about it, because you’ve worked so hard on these songs and then you wonder how people are going to respond or people don’t care at all. It’s always in the back of your mind, but definitely way more excited than nervous.

We actually recorded this song last March and it was supposed to come out last April. We literally recorded the song the week of the shutdown and we were like ‘oh man, what now?’ But, I’m excited to finally get it out there and we’ll see how people like it.”

Jordan Rowe will get to share his music in a live concert as part of The Cody Johnson Tour happening in 2021. Six dates from the seven will see Jordan Rowe take the stage. The tour starts on May 6, with Jordan making his first appearance on the May 7 date.

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